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Mariam%2BNabatanzi%2BHas%2BGiven%2BBirth%2Bto%2B38%2BChildren.png?width=320Mariam Nabatanzi Has Given Birth to 38 Children 
Okay folks, you won't be seeing my face in this video, I am still in need of better lighting and a better camera. So you can enjoy listening to my beautiful voice for now.
I must admit that I am a news junkie. I love the news! I love learning new things and I love leaning about people from all over the world. When this article came up in my news feed, I wanted to share it with my YouTube audience.
As is normal for me, I like to take a moment to searc
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NB Commentary: All too often we get things twisted. Actors are just that, actors. Their personal persona is NOT on stage, yet we identify with them as though their character on stage is who they really are rather than the mind control puppets that they truly are.

Hollywierd is just that weird, sick and painful for all. Why are we devastated when our favorite Entertainer dies or disappoints? Because we believe in the illusion they present on stage. We have n
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by Gloria Dulan-Wilson

  ~ Okay, so it's about 4:30 in the morning, and I'm working on a project, when this piece from RSN (Reader Supported New) comes across my computer screen:  "The New New Romney Is a New Kind of Mendacious Liar,"  by Charles Pierce, Esquire (which probably means the writer is a lawyer).

As I'm reading the piece, and the comments that ensued, I realized that this is yet another reason we have to stop just reading the Post, Daily News, New York Times, and other meanstream pu

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