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Africa%2Brejects%2BEurope%2527s%2BDirty%2BDiesel.png?width=320In this video, we take a  look at the circumstances surrounding the import of substandard petroleum into Africa from European Countries, the impact of the use of this fuel on the health and well being of the population in Africa, particularly West Africa, the efforts put forth by "Public Eye" as Swiss NGO and the cooperation of African Countries among themselves to establish changes in the standards of fuel allowed to be used.
We look at the growing populations, traffic congestion, political and
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by Gloria Dulan-Wilson

  ~ Okay, so it's about 4:30 in the morning, and I'm working on a project, when this piece from RSN (Reader Supported New) comes across my computer screen:  "The New New Romney Is a New Kind of Mendacious Liar,"  by Charles Pierce, Esquire (which probably means the writer is a lawyer).

As I'm reading the piece, and the comments that ensued, I realized that this is yet another reason we have to stop just reading the Post, Daily News, New York Times, and other meanstream pu

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