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By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

If June wasn't already an event-laden month, June 26th may well have been the zenith of a period that many felt would either make or break the New York Political realm for all times.

Of course,there were many of us who predicted that there was nothing to worry about - that the candidates who were stacked against the incumbents didn't have a snowball's chance in hell of unseating them. And we were absolutely right:

Congressman Charles Rangel held his seat in Manhattan, with a
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by Gloria Dulan-Wilson ~

   Just in case you didn't get the memo; just in case you haven't been keeping up with what time it is, I am going to take the opportunity to say WAKE UP BROOKLYN - Your lives are on the line - Literally.

Perhaps the most pivotal date, prior to the actual general election, will take place on Tuesday, June 26, which is the day we vote for our new congressman - either Charles Barron or Hakeem Jeffries; and re-elect our congresswoman Yvette Diane Clarke.

By the way, gone
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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lincoln University Class of 67 Celebrates Our 45th Graduation Anniversaryby Gloria Dulan-WilsonI am so proud of being a proud graduate of Lincoln University, the first Black College in the US.

It is now over 158 years, and was originally founded as Ashmun Institute

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Justice for Charles Rangel


What ever happened to the presumption of innocence? Or does it not apply to black leaders? Beginning in 2008, Rangel has faced a series of allegations of ethics violations. In February 2010, the House Ethics Committee concluded that Rangel had violated House gift rules by accepting payment fromCaribNews newspaper for reimbursement for travel to conferences in the Caribbean. Rangel has maintained his innocence and has been demanding a trial.

The gall of him, demanding a trial! Pelosi and other

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Today, Tuesday, April 27th at 7:10 AM, I will appear live on CNN as a guest analyst along with Illinois State Representative LaShawn K. Ford to further the debate on whether or not The National Guard should be deployed to patrol Chicago streets this summer to help stop the rise in violence. Representative Ford has already publicly called for the National Guard as a soltuin to help stop the violence, but I will argue that while Ford and other leaders have done the best that they can do with this
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