cancel culture (2)

The Quick Scan by Mike Ramey



      A few years back, a Pastor whom I knew had made a statement—which has since become a favorite of mine—attributed to him.  His statement?  “Sometimes, you have to let folk DIE!”  In other words, you can warn people, advise people, and hold the hands of people to keep them from doing low down and dirty things.  However, people will make their own choices—often against the wisdom of others around them.  No matter how much it may hurt you, we must allow people t

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The Ramey Commentaries by Mike Ramey

‘Cancel’ an employer? Forget getting a job that is worth anything in the near future. Employers--even cancelled ones--have long memories, and even longer connections to other employers. They will have no sympathy for you when it comes to finding another job. Written recommendations? Forget them. Clearing security checks? Forget that too. Plus, their lawyers and investigators…once they find you? They will feast upon your financial bones for a GOOD, long time!
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