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By Gloria Dulan-Wilson: Hello All: I recently had occasion to respond to an individual who is a "self-styled activist" who had invited me to participate in a protest demonstration against President Barack Obama, which would have taken place in Harlem in front of the Apollo while the President participated in a fund raising concert held in his honor.

The email which I received on January 17,2012 was so hostile that I immediately shot back an email to the author, Nellie Hester Bailey, informing he

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What is TheBlackList? Why TheBlackList?

Why TheBlackList?

Do you get upset when CNN /BBC does not tell our story?
Or tell our story the way you know it?

But why should they?

Do you tell your story?

Why should you?

If not you, who?

Did Macy's tell Gimbel's?

Does the bee tell the butterfly?

Why should the bee tell the butterfly?

Aaaah! When the bee and the butterfly have created each other's interest as their self interest - a common cause.

What is TheBlackList?

TheblackList is a self-interest group – list.

This self-interest group is c
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