What is TheBlackList? Why TheBlackList?

Why TheBlackList?

Do you get upset when CNN /BBC does not tell our story?
Or tell our story the way you know it?

But why should they?

Do you tell your story?

Why should you?

If not you, who?

Did Macy's tell Gimbel's?

Does the bee tell the butterfly?

Why should the bee tell the butterfly?

Aaaah! When the bee and the butterfly have created each other's interest as their self interest - a common cause.

What is TheBlackList?

TheblackList is a self-interest group – list.

This self-interest group is committed to One Cause, One Goal and we see that we share One Destiny.
We may have and express differing points-of-the-view on our ONE CAUSE and OUR ONE GOAL
but we do not and cannot deny OUR ONE DESTINY.

Why TheBlackList?
It is in our self-interest to tell our stories to inform and inspire others far and wide and to create avenues
for opportunities and networking and building relationship across erasable boundaries.

What is TheBlackList?

TheBlackList is not The Black List.

Nor is it the Blacklist.

TheBlackList is TheBlackList.
A new word. A new paradigm. A new possible way of being for Africans at home and abroad.
TheBlackList is a willingness to be open to divergent points-of-our-view of our ONE CAUSE, ONE GOAL and a commitment share our story ourselves to Right and Write our One Destiny.
Or TheBlackList could be(a pun) a joke on us – what we to those among us who we call brothers/sisters but but despise – we blacklist them.

So, what's your story?

What's your opinion?
What's your view?
What's happening in your town, your community and your country?
What's your group or organization up to?
What happened at the meeting or event you attend?
If you don't tell us, who will?
Who but you can tell your story the way you do?
Does share this information make a difference?
What difference does it make?

Welcome to TheBlackList network:

TheBlackList Pub – http://www.theblacklistpub.ning.com

TheBlackList email list – https://lists.riseup.net/www/arc/theblacklist
(subscribe: theblacklist-subscribe@lists.riseup.net )

Thanks for being out there in the service of the Cause that needs
assistance and to the Now Future.

KWASI Akyeampong

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  • South
    Yes...we do have to tell Our Story. No one else will. I will tell mine in a bit. Life is crazy right now. I will do it in a morning hour with a cup of good coffee...
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