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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Louis Reyes Rivera: A Death In The Family

By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

You will pardon the rather somber tone of this post, but I've -we - the Black and Puerto Rican Community - have had a death in the family, and I'm having a very difficult time processing it. You may have heard about it – I'm sure my screams could be heard
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On Tuesday, July 12th, the People’s Organization for Progress (POP) will host its annual memorial rally to observe the 44th anniversary of the epic 1967 Newark Rebellion!


The rally will take place at 5:30pm at the Newark Rebellion Monument located on Springfield Avenue at the intersection Irvine Turner Blvd and 15th Avenue. It will feature presentations by area activists and surviving family members of the Rebellion’s casualties.


On July 12, 1967, Newark erupted in a rebellion against the sc

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US activists critique government performance at UN human rights review
November 5, 2010, Geneva – US activists in Geneva observing the government’s first-ever review by the UN’s top human rights body said the government failed to convince the world of its positive human rights record.
“If the US government delegation’s objective was to reclaim the mantel of global human rights leadership, it failed miserably in that effort,” said Ajamu Baraka, Executive Director of the US Human Rights Networ
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“A thaw ... and March begins. / This time afresh, and anew, weather-worth rended feet / sloughed over the coldness / of melted snow / while images of the past crept up: / mirages / over land and snow.” ~ Henry Grimes, from “Signs Along the Road”

Henry Grimes & Amiri Baraka, photo by Ken Wriss Tuesday, March 3rd: Amiri Baraka and Henry Grimes, Issue Project Room, 232 Third St., 3rd floor (at Third Ave.), Brooklyn, NY, 8 p.m., 718-33O-O313, direction
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