On September 18, 2016, we will begin our 7th series of I Ching Workshops Online GIVE THANKS, WE ARE ON FOR THE 7TH SERIES!!!

Is a magic number. so let's talk about magic. Too bad magic has gotten such a bad reputation over the years, scaring folks away from using their own, place a shroud of contempt all around it; while the very ones who are screaming about how demonic it is are using magic on the masses everyday.

Everything is magic, everything is energy and energy is magic as well as magical. We create magical experiences every day in every way, some are good and some, not so much. But we are creators and we are responsible for what we see happening around us and in our world.

Our I Ching Workshops Online have been just that.." MAGICAL." We have been sharing so much and growing so much with the Oracle that we can barely get enough time to do it. Our workshops often go over time and when the series ends, we are anxiously awaiting the next one.

So, the Summer of Chaos is coming to an end.. We put our intentions out there that we can move smoothly into September, which was formally the "7th" month of the year, with ease, peace and prosperity. The Fall equinox is the time for harvesting what we have sown... Many harvest festivals go on during September and through October in those parts of the world when the sun begins to decline in its duration.

In the West we will be experiencing shorter days and longer nights. But since we will be online, all we have to do is adjust our schedules to meet at the same times we always meet. 2PM, 4PM & 8PM EST. We have done a great juggling act with our schedules and we have managed to pull it off!! And with summer time drawing to a close, vacations ending.. we can get back to the business of studying the I Ching during our I Ching Workshops Online.

It has been an amazing experience. We have worked with people from around the globe, all eager and willing to learn a little bit more about how to use the I Ching Oracle System. If you missed the past 6 series, no worries, join us for the 7th series.

Once you have registered, I will add you to the list of 
participants for your class and send you an email. 
The email will contain a link and all the 
details you need to join the class.
Donation: $10 per class, $50 for entire series.
Send donation via  Paypal  use one of these links 
Initial Workshop-sessions will be hosted via Eastern Standard Time…  (additional sessions can be scheduled, depending on demand).
FOR ANYONE WHO REALLY WANTS TO JOIN BUT THESE TIMES DO NOT WORK, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. We can schedule another time so that you can attend when it’s more convenient for you. 
6 weeks/open enrollment 

Sunday, Sept. 18, 2016 thru Oct. 23, 2016 

Beginners 102, 2pm EST 
Click Here To Register
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