Dr. King Memorial Dedication Should Not Forget Dr. King's Last Campaign On Earth


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Remembering Dr. King's Chicago legacy should include returning to the spot that used to house Dr. King's last Chicago National SCLC headquarters where he kicked off his national Operation Breadbasket program where part of his War On Poverty included his community economic program that call on Black and poor communities to keep a slice of their own"bread"/money in their own local financial institutions to create community owned businesses and jobs.


That site of Dr. King's Chicago National SCLC headquarters is now a big empty lot on 79th & Halsted that was the old Capital Theater. Dr. King did march for jobs and justice, but he also programmed his organization and allies around public policy like the Jobs Act, as well his local economic program that if followed today could help address the bad economic conditions of Black and poor communities.
These Dr. King Memorial dedication events and media features thus far have all dealt with Dr. King with more symbolism than of substance. Dr. King's last campaign on earth was his Poor People's Campaign and his national Operation Breadbasket community economic empowerment campaign, and with the Black community facing double digit unemployment, this community needs to hear how Dr. King's program could help decrease those unemployment figures in addition to the fight for a current government public policy like President Obama's Jobs Bill.
Marching, followed by fights for public policy to address jobs in Black and poor communities was part of Dr. King's legacy, but even more important today is Dr. King's community economic empowerment campaigns  that again, a majority of the memorial dedication talk seems to forget.
And the Dr. King Memorial Dedication takes place on the historic date of the 16th year anniversary of the Million Man March, and the 90th year anniversary of the 1921 Race Riots on the original Black Wall Street District of Tulsa Oklahoma. What a fitting time to remind a Million Black men who used this date to reestablish a new sense if purpose that this day can also be used to reeducate Black and poor communities of Dr. King's community economic empowerment message that could create new Black business and jobs districts in majority Black communities just like the original Black Wall Street did with just 35 city blocks and Black people using their own economic power to sustain and increase Black business in majority Black populated areas. If it could be done back in 1921, the surely it can be done today, if we actually followed Dr. King's economic message with today's National Black Wall Street movement. (
October 21-23, the National Black Wall Street USA will continue the substance of teaching Dr. King's community economic empowerment programs at the 2nd National Convention in Gary Indiana in the true spirit of the original Black Wall Street District.
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