3828585854?profile=original NB Commentary: What gets to me most is the number of comments made on YouTube asking "what did they ever invent?" I literally want to jump thru the computer screen and scream really loud in those folks ears. It's so obvious that they are "white" folks and even more obvious that most of them, sadly, are unaware of anything that Black folks have done besides sports and entertainment. I am quite sure that the culture of racisms & white supremacy have done a great job in keeping these facts out of public purview.
But I must admit that I am hurt and dismayed by the number of Black Folks who don't know what inventions can be attributed to Black Americans here in the US and on the World stage. I am aware that we cannot teach what we do not know, but why don't we know these things? And even more so, why does the credit seem to skip merrily by the deserving individual? As a result, we have to have BLACK HISTORY MONTH. We don't need a WHITE HISTORY MONTH, although, I am laughingly wondering what they would say, looking at their track record. But keeping with the fact that we do learn about their history no matter how dastardly their deeds or wondrous their accomplishments, we will most certainly be made aware of the European contribution to the world going all the way back to the Greeks and Romans. (Heaven forbid, it become discovered as it has been indicated, that even the original Greeks, Romans and Hebrews were Africans). 
There is a plethora of material about the advancement of the European across the expanse of the globe... but rarely do you hear even the slightest hint that there were people of African descent who had anything at all to do with their success. In fact, the Americas were built on the backs of blacks, however, they always want to talk about their founding fathers. If they don't want to pay reparations at least acknowledge that it was the Africans' blood, sweat and tears that made this country a economic force to be reckoned with.
So, I offer this video which scratches the surface but gives some insight into the accomplishments of African American inventors. Much more could be said of each of them but this is a great snap shot to start with. Investigate each of these more, share it with your friends and family. Whenever you stop at a stop light, make a notation about who invented it. And those chips you love to eat, well, make sure you remember who invented them too.

Published on Feb 13, 2014
A video presentation about famous black men and women inventors of the 20th and the 21st century. This video is just a short list of the MANY contributions of blacks throughout history.

NOTE: Video narrative was obtained from and Please visit these very helpful sites for more information on these and other Black Inventors not listed in this video. The book "Black Inventors" by Keith Holmes is another great source of information.
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