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In the Name of AllahAs-Salaam Alaikum,"THE EARTH BELONGS TO THE BLACK MAN!"...Elijah Muhammad, Messenger of AllahAfter reading Dr. Runoko Rashidi's reflections regarding his trip to Myannmar it occured to me thatDr. Rashidi has done a great service to our Nation of People through his extensive travels and studiesthroughout the years. He goes where most of us are unable to go. He gives us eyewitness accountsof peoples and places from the prespectives which reflect "OUR" point-of-iew --- as opposed to that ofNational Geographic et.al.As a followers of the Teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, I am sincerely grateful toDr. Rashidi for his work -- a modern-day Marco Polo He goes where most of us cannot and acts asand eyewitness and reports his findings allowing us to get first-hand knoweldge of our place and historyon our Planet. From what I have read of Dr. Rashidi's travels, there are few places he has not been!And throughout his travels, there are few places Dr. Rashidi as not found a "Global Black Presence."Dr. Rashidi notes an incident while in Myanmar a young girl visiting a museum with her class became"terrified" at the sight of him! Dr. Rasidi states that he was caught off guard by this reaction. My viewhaving been taught by Messenger Muhammad is that this young Myanmar girls was exhibiting evidenceof her people's collective-historical memory! My husband who has a much lighter complextion thanDr. Rashidi -- evokes a similar reaction from "Asians" in America (Korean, Chinese, Tiawanese, Vietnamese,Cambodians, etc).Messenger Muhammad teaches us that, as a fact of our history, 16,000 years ago we exiled so-called"Indians" to the Western Hemispher from from what is now known as "South-east Asia" (specifically:India) by way of the Bering Straits, they are Original people and have a genetic memory, as does theBlack Nation. However, the actual history has been mystified, misrepresented, anglosized. Themore we learn about ourselves, the more we learn about the motivation and behaviot of others."ASK QUESTIONS AND LEARN ALL ABOUT YOURSELF!"...Elijah Muhammad, Messenger of AllahAs-Salaam Alaikum,Sister Halimah Allah, NOI
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