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Martin Beyond

These words
have gathered themselves together
on these pages
not for to praise Martin
but to honor him
to tell him thank you
for a valiant effort
to remember him
as he appeared unto us
a man who stood for, preached for
marched for non-violence
a man who so loved his people
that he sacrificed his own mortal existence
as a ransom for their freedom
a man with a vision of world peace and harmony
this man Martin was an honorable man
not yet perfect in ways
but seeked after the ways of perfection

These words
have gathered themselves together
on these pages
with a purpose of gratitude and reverence
they too contain an all-consuming passion for Justice
as Martin did
they too seek to awaken in a people
the divine fabric of wisdom
as Martin did

they too hunger for
the truth
the whole truth
and nothing but the truth
as Martin did
they too search un-tiringly for the path
to the promise land
as Martin did

But these words seek to do more
they seek to go beyond the grave
to cross over into the land of our dreams
where the scheme of things are seen
as they really are
and by far we see who we really are
hear now the voice of Martin from beyond

“My people my beloved people I tried
there was conceived in me a divine passion
a mission to restore a lost people
to the God of their creation
but you see where there’s good, there is also evil
and this evil has interwoven a web of deception
into the very religion
that has replaced that old-time religion
the religion of our ancient ancestors
this new-time religion
was conjured up by the same beast
that wanders to and fro
seeking innocent souls on which to feast

this new-time religion
has cunningly excluded
all references to our ancient way
it fails to speak of creation
from an Afrikan centered point of view
it casts man in the role of an isolated soul
isolated from the sun, the moon, and the stars
this new-time religion is not of life
but of death
forgive me my people
my beloved people
I really tried

But let not my dying be in vain
learn from my mistakes
don’t follow me footstep for footstep
for my footsteps will only lead to death
I was remiss in that I could not see

I could not see
that divine Justice could not be found
in the court houses of this land
that divine wisdom did not reside
in the White House of the white man
that divine truth was not written
in the Declarations and Constitutions of this country
that we should in fact
hold certain truths to be evidence of self
that though all men are created equally
all men are not created equal

No more than the river holds the same potential
as the sea
no more than the stars are created equal in power
to the sun
no more than every gale of wind
blows with the same force

So I say unto you my people
that this divine Justice you seek
this divine wisdom you seek
this divine truth you seek
cannot be found without paying a divine price
that this divine price does not require
that you bleed to be freed
but that we pray less with our mouths
and meditate more in our hearts
this divine price means
being in this world but not of this world
this divine price demands
that we Journey deep deep within
towards the consciousness of the God-mind
and therein find the promised land

Now I know that you will go thru
many red seas of doubt
when you make it on thru
divine Justice will be your reward
I know that you will face
many wildernesses of despair and despondency
remember that one cannot live by bread alone
but by every spoken word from the Most High

this is the key to divine wisdom
3828579010?profile=originalI know that you will come to
many cross roads of decisions
it is here that fear is crucified
it is here that divine truth is found
and it is this truth that will set you free
I know that one day you will get to the promise land
and when you do my beloved people
remember me Martin’

These words have gathered themselves together
on these pages
to remember Martin
to remember that he tried
he truly tried

From the NEW BOOK 'The Next Test of Men' by Rudwaan


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We resolve, we resolve, we resolve
by Rudwaan

It’s the start that stops most of us
resolutions are dropped
as glasses are raised
in a New Year’s toast to us
most mean well
most can hardly tell
why most mostly fail
while most others mostly boast to us
it’s the start that stops most of us

We resolve to consume less
get our shoes from Payless
pay less time to daytime soap stress
and more time to our night-time love nest
love less needless drama
and give more love to our baby’s mama

We resolve to lose those extra pounds
round by round
to fight our way up off the ground
to lay our financial burdens down
to take that wait off our shoulders
increase self-esteem
to be that much bolder

We resolve to give birth to a new self
take our lifelong dreams down off the shelf
put our Queens back on lands flowing with wealth
we resolve, we resolve, we resolve
we resolve to start supporting us
but it’s the start
that stops
most of Us

from the book ‘ENDANGERED SPEECHES’ by Rudwaan
go to for more info on books by Rudwaan

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Hollywood says you can leap tall buildings in a single bound
move faster than the speed of sound
even faster than Usain Bolt
grab live wires not even a jolt
journey thru worm-holes and back
you play the Mexican, the Indian Chief you even play Black
you were in the beginning before there was a beginning
you were Cleopatra, Moses even Gods and Kings
you not only received the ten commandments
you were in the burning bush that gave it
you are the Gods of wind and thunder
you can even breathe under water
you are the Jesus in the Christ
the men not the mice
roll the dice
you’re the six twice
all others are but crap
only you can be Bond, James Bond
Idris is just a Black fish in a White pond
you are the conqueror of worlds and universes
you are the issuer of blessings and curses
dear miserable whiteman
this all plays well on the big screen
but in real life you’re the recessive gene
dear miserable whiteman you’re facing extinction
life is not Hollywood this is truth not fiction
you’re at negative population growth
so in the end your bullshit floats
dear miserable whiteman
now leap that.

Rudwaan ©

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Forgiveness is a Process

Jun 21, 2015 8:19 AM
by Rolling Out
Rudwaan's lesson on forgiveness

Rudwaan’s lesson on forgiveness

Forgiveness is not an overnight process

Many are writing off wrongs committed against them under the misconception that they are forgiving their debtors; this is a misleading practice, for there can be no authentic forgiveness without the one who owes the debt following at least three stages, First acknowledging that they owe the debt, second repenting or showing remorse for the debt, and third actually requesting to be forgiven of the debt.

The act of writing off the wrong requires the actions of only the one who is owed, this action allows one to move the debt off their active balance sheets into an inactive file, once written off they stop actively pursuing (thinking about) this debt, that does not mean the debt or wrongful act committed against you does not still exist. In most cases when a debt is written off the one who owes the debt may not be aware that the debt has been written off, while the one who is owed the debt now has peace of mind because they are no longer thinking about this debt, the one who owes still bears the burden of what they owe and may in time come forward and settle the debt, perhaps to clear their conscience or clean up their credit file. The one who is owed the debt may then bring the debt out of the inactive file and settle it.

Forgiving a debt requires both parties to be actively involved; it’s not an instantaneous process but actually requires time.

It is the debtor (owes the debt) who initiates and seeks the process of forgiveness by first acknowledging that they owe the debt: “I know I did you wrong” (the acknowledgement stage). One cannot forgive a debt that is not acknowledged. Once the debt is acknowledged, the debtor must then show some form of remorse for the impact the debt has had on the party they are seeking forgiveness from; they must come down off their high horse and issue a formal and heartfelt apology: “I am truly sorry for the harm I caused you and your family” (the repentance stage). Upon a successful, meaningful and accepted repentance, the debtor may then make their plea for forgiveness: “Will you please forgive me?” (the requisition stage). All three stages must be completed by the debtor before forgiveness can be effectively considered and extended by the party that is wronged.

The party who is owed the debt may then scrutinize each stage of the forgiveness process for authenticity then accordingly may then extend forgiveness of the debt to the debtor, but this is only done if the one who is owed the debt is completely satisfied with the process, for once they extend forgiveness the debt can never be re-staged.

This is completely different from writing off a debt, which is merely moving the debt off your active ledger to an inactive file, like a “cold case” file. Note that when detectives move a case to the cold case file, they no longer actively work the case. That is not to say the case does not still exist; all it takes is for a new piece of evidence to surface and that case is brought out of “cold cases” and re-staged as an active case. This confusion between the two is why some people will say they forgive you for a thing but throw it back in your face every time there is a disagreement between the two of you.

It is also noteworthy that due to the extent of the damage, forgiveness may require a fourth stage, which is restitution. In other words, I may not begin to consider the forgiveness process until you replace my stolen goods.

Forgiveness is a process that actively involves both the one who owes the debt and the one who is owed the debt. It is not an overnight process. So ask yourself, “Am I writing off wrongs done against me under the guise of forgiveness?” –Rudwaan, The Lions Tale,

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The re-execution of Denmark Vesey

We Afrikans/original peoples/dominant gene people are a spiritual people, we communicate and are communicated to spiritually, living under the Western influence of DirectedTv and microwaved foods we have abandoned our natural instincts in favor of a more Hollywood produced lifestyle...While our Ancestors do not cause things to happen (they need a body to influence this realm physically) they influence the supreme math so that those who have eyes can see...this was a re-execution of Denmark Vesey directed by the force that is EVIL (LIVE spelled backwards, the anti-crystallization (Christ) of the 3rd eye) that senses the end of its Two Thousand Seasons (see Ayi Kwei) of domination on this planet, this is why the vessel that carries this force of evil (the whiteboy) asked for the Church's leader, it's pastor (this is the position that Denmark Vesey occupied) and sat next to him, he was the actual intended target.By re-executing Denmark Vesey this force of evil hopes to derail the awakening and de-calcification of the eye of Heru, the 3rd eye, the Christ-mind which can only be accomplished by those who can access 360 degrees of knowledge, those who are the life-givers of this planet, those who have sufficient melanin...those who by merely standing upright (Rise Up) will move thru the earth like a healing wind and usher in an era of true peace..this is the world (whirl)-wind Garvey spoke of and it is hereThis force of evil only has access to 33 degrees of knowledge at its disposal, due to its primary vessel's recessive gene and lack of sufficient melanin, its true intention is to remain in its current position meant for the force good (god) (know ye not that ye are gods/good?)This is spiritual warfare and we must fight it in spirit and with truth..exposing the truth is the sunlight to the vampire..we cannot sink any further as a people, our children cannot sag their pants any further without actually taking them off, our men cannot lose their minds any further without changing their physical appearances and becoming the very dogs they are now sexing, our women cannot mis-use their divine power and strip any further while stripping brothers intended to do good of their morals..there is onlty one way for us to go and that is back up to where we belong..for the sake of all of creation including those with recessive genes. UP YOU MIGHTY PEOPLE AND ACCOMPLISH DIVINE WILL..
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The frog was captured and put in a pot of slowly boiling water, though the frog had the ability to jump out of the pot it did not, perhaps it reasoned that it could tolerate the heat and things would cool off by and by, but the water got hotter and the frog adjusted its tolerance level to accommodate the heat, perhaps it reasoned that the one controlling the heat would take pity on it, after all it would be inhumane to put a live creature in a pot and watch it slowly boil to death, such a person would have no soul, no conscience and surely everyone had a soul, a conscience, perhaps it trusted the humanity of the one with his hands on the controls, occasionally the frog would splash around then settle back down when the level of the heat seemed to remain constant, but just because they’re not turning up the heat at that moment in time does not mean that the frog was not still in a pot of boiling water, the heat was being turned up ever so slowly that the frog could hardly tell that it was hotter now that it was then. The frog slowly boiled to death over a period of time, at the point of its demise the question was asked of the frog 'why didn't you just jump out of the pot?' the frog responded 'I don't know'  

Are you the frog Black America? captured and put in ghettos and hoods where you are slowly being boiled to death, slowly being shot to death by run-away slave hunters, worked to death in corporate plantations, imprisoned to death, taxed to death, disenfranchised to death, profiled to death, low-waged to death, marching to death, shooting each other to death, when did you join hands with your oppressor and said 'til death do us part?' was it during your Civil Rights Era Black America? as you adjusted to the heat of being called a nigger to your faces while the racist terrorists spat in your faces, threw rocks at you as you marched hand in hand refusing to jump? did you adjust your tolerance to the heat when they murdered those beautiful innocent four little Black girls? why didn’t you jump then Black America? non-violence does not mean non-self-defense Black America, every creation has a built in instinct to ‘fight or flight’ even the rose bears thorns to protect itself, when you feel the temperature rising you merely splash around, march, riot, loot, burn down your own neighborhoods, but that’s not jumping, that’s merely complaining, you complain about the lack of quality education even though you can jump and educate your own children, you complain about police brutality even though you can jump and police your own neighborhoods, you complain about lack of opportunities even though you can jump and create the same opportunities for yourself that you are creating for everyone else, you complain, you splash around just like the frog, you refuse to jump just like the frog. How many Emmitt Tills have they been Black America? what would it take for you to jump Black America?  

Are you the frog Black America? gathering yourselves on FaceBook, Twitter, and other social sites just to tell jokes, just to follow lifestyles of the stars they placed in your heavens, your minds? as the heat slowly turns up on the pot of boiling water you are in?  don’t you see the pot you’re in? don’t you feel the heat? is it the Black looking President they gave you who may have had Colonel Gaddaffi assassinated to keep him from helping to unite Afrika that has you sedated?, is it the sports stars, movie stars, rap stars created by the Federal Banking Cartel for purposes of sophisticated money laundering, where their net worth is reduced from ‘invaluable’ to a few millions of worthless fiat currency, that has you duped Black America? well here is a wake-up call to you Black America Trayvon Martin is dead because you didn’t jump, Tamir Rice is dead because you didn’t jump, Freddie Gray is dead because you didn’t jump, Mumia Abu Jamal is still imprisoned for a crime he did not commit because you refuse to jump, Assata Shakur is being hunted like a wild animal for a crime she could not have committed because you refuse to jump, you are dying one by one as you are hunted by the hunter and the hunted because you will not jump Black America.  

You have the strongest legs, you have the strongest leverage more than ever to demand reparations and enact your separation from the pot of boiling water, they so much as told you in their Constitution that slavery is only conditionally abolished, that means that you are still in the pot, the same mess and they did not turn down the heat, they simply resorted to turning it up slowly, they are killing you softly while you sing and march, so why don't you jump Black America? why don't you jump?? 

written by Rudwaan for The Lions tale

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Brothers need to stop treating sisters like something they own
like them headphones in their ear
yeah, the ones pumping that bullshit in the air
making you feel large while your power is in fear
you fear the power so the power is the power you fear
what you own you can do with as you will
back to them headphones
you can throw them in the air and shoot to kill
when you grow a pair you still shoot to kill
you whoop to thrill
them headphones you can trash them, bash them
you own them so you can crash them
but a human being?, a divine sentient being?
a womb-being at that?
like the portal that brought you from this to that?
now you think you phat
you can't bash that
that's against the Law
don't get it twisted
I'm not talking about the Law so saw
the ones with guns, badges and a thirst for war
I'm talking about Divine Law
I speak of Ma'at
The Law that was before the law that is
Yurugu’s broken law that is
that broken tool
sharpened by token coons
the law you bow to so you broken 2
your father more than likely is broken one
where it begun
it’s not that far back
study The Laws of Ma’at
you bash the sisters you bash that
and you don't want that to bash back
you say you god but you bashing Black
Black backs are tired of getting whacked
whipped stripped tarred feathered and hung
who are you to stop the sister from singing her song?
brothers need to stop treating sisters like something they own
take off them damn headphones
turn around head home
I think you left your head home

Rudwaan © 5-17-15


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May 3, 2015 4:34 PM
by Yvette Caslin

Teana Walsh Screen shot FOX 2 news

Teana Walsh Screen shot FOX 2 news

Wayne County (Detroit) former assistant prosecutor, Teana Walsh, posted to her Facebook page that the Baltimore protestors should be shot. A petition has been started on calling for her arrest.

Teana Walsh Faceook post

“We are not an easily distracted people. Whether you agree with what the sister Ebony of East Point Georgia did by posting to her FB page to shoot all White cops is irrelevant, the fact is Teana Walsh is in the same boat and should receive the same treatment. Why should the sister get arrested, humiliated in front of the world and this White woman not suffer the same fate? They both did the same thing. And the White woman was an assistant prosecutor at the time she posted her comments to shoot the Baltimore protestors, no judge, no jury, just execute them, string them up, lynch them…spread this petition far and wide calling for the arrest of Teana Walsh, resigning from her job is not enough,” offers poet and activist Rudwaan.

Ebony Dickens

Photos sources: Facebook and East Point Police Department

Ebony Dickens, 33, is accused of writing a Facebook post using the name Tiffany Milan: “Death to all white cops nationwide” and also saying, “All Black ppl should rise us and shoot at every white cop in the nation starting NOW … I thought about shooting every white cop I see in the head until I’m either caught by the police or killed by them… Might kill at least 15 tomorrow, I’m plotting now.”

The Georgia mother deleted her Facebook post just hours before her arrest. She now faces a charge of disseminating information related to terrorist acts.

The FBI and Homeland Security are also investigating the threat and say additional charges are possible.

The goal of petition is to reach 100 signatures. Click here to sign the petition.

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This is a question we must confront, given the most recent executions of Black men at the hands of American police in different states and cities across America, we cannot ignore the possibility that an implied agenda may be in the works. Let us briefly consider some facts that led to the cessation of physical bondage of Blacks by Whites.

1. The overt exploitation of the kidnapped and forcibly enslaved Afrikan grew too unmanageable to the enslavers, contributive to this is the successful rebellion of Ayiti against her enslaver nation, France.

2. the burgeoning uprisings of the enslaved Afrikan against the European enslaver on many enslavement prisons (plantations) by the likes of the Honorable Nat Turner.

3. England joining the push for abolition chiefly as a political tactic against France’s growing wealth attributive to the enslavement of the Afrikan. (

4. Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation as a political move against the rebellious Southern States, these four areas combined would lead to the political decision by Whites to end the physical exploitation of Blacks.

At this time, America, unlike many Caribbean nation states is politically and militarily under the domination of the White invaders from Europe, who are confronted with a difficult problem: “What to do with all of these former enslaved Afrikans who have every right to turn on us and kill us all with righteous indignation.” I submit that many Whites live in fear of this very possibility because they know that if the shoe was on the other foot, they would do the same.

I further submit that America at both the federal and state level has been attempting to answer this question and appease the fears of Whites by implicitly and, in some cases perhaps, explicitly implementing the genocide or culling of Black people on these shores. I propose for consideration that the Federal Government was deliberately slow in responding to the lynchings and outright murder and intimidation of Blacks at the hands of extra and intra-judicial Whites especially during the Jim Crow, and civil rights era to allow for the eradication of as many Blacks as possible before finally responding with federal laws and physical protections. How many Emmett Tills were there that went unrecorded?

Execution of Blacks by police began on enslavement prisons (plantations) where bounty hunters and armed overseers had cart-blanche rights to shoot to kill any Black person for any reason. This atmosphere of outright murder was supported by the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 passed by the Congress of the United States. Today, if you visit the website you will see at least two such “slave catchers”/police (Edward Gorsuch and James Batchelder) who are being honored for their service to their country for hunting Blacks and or preventing the rescue of Blacks who refused to be forced into enslavement.

Mumia Abu Jamal was a radio host and writer who frequently exposed the agenda that the police in Philadelphia seemed to be following due to their frequent executions of Blacks, for this he was undoubtedly framed and falsely convicted of the murder of a police in 1982, he still sits in prison to this day, the Federal Government refuses to intervene in this blatant injustice, perhaps because there is an agenda at work. This is just one of many such cases in which the Federal Government may be complicit in the hunting, and confinement of Blacks where the reasons given are highly questionable. The case of Assata Shakur is also such a case. The question I am raising is ‘are American police following an implied agenda to kill Black men?

The most recent killing of Walter Scott in North Charleston, South Carolina, who was shot multiple times in the back while running away unarmed, by Officer Michael Thomas Slager; and the killing of Philip White mauled by a police K9 dog as he lay helpless and possibly unconscious on the ground after being kicked and punched by police, must give Blacks reason to seriously consider that we are being hunted and executed by police acting on an agenda.

It is an easy task for a corporate environment, where there is an hierarchical report structure, to influence the rank and file to follow an agenda without forwarding memos to that effect. I bear witness as a former employee of a major Corporation in which the sales-force, which counted in the thousands, was implicitly following an agenda to cram products unto customers’ bills who had not ordered the products, in an effort to offset the churn of that product, the sales-force crammed at least 4,000 orders per month for several years before the company was forced to halt the behavior, at which point the higher management was able to claim plausible deniability because there was no paper trail of evidence tying them to the knowledge and orientation of the illicit and illegal practice, the rank and file would then be on the hook and punished for not following written company policy. Since the overall agenda had not yet been fully achieved the company simply switched to another form of exploiting its customers to satisfy the ‘books’ and sustain share-holder confidence, which I also bear witness to. So I can say firsthand that agendas can be implicitly given to those who have the inclination to follow them.

Consider that we all know that there is a “blue code” among police officers all across this nation, this code invariably forbids or frowns on police officers ‘snitching’ on other police officers, that they must back up the badge, but I bet you dollars to donuts you will not find that written down anywhere, so how is it that practically all police officers observe this code? is it because it is an ‘implied’ code? I know it is so.

It doesn’t matter that we have a Black president, or Black mayors, governors, lawyers, doctors etc., what we must remember is that it has been determined that by the year 2050 there will be more Blacks in this country than Whites. What I ask of every Black person to consider is that the plan for population control is mainly targeted to the dominant gene people, Black people, it is we, who according to Whites “multiply like roaches.” We know that their population is experiencing zero-growth; look to the “Royal Commission on Population” by King George VI in 1944, who do you think they are looking to limit the growth of? Look to the “National Security Study Memorandum 200″ by then-Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, whose population do you think they are trying to limit? Consider that the HIV is a virus that is a manufactured weapon of population control, whose population?

So this is my question to you, Black America: Are American police following an implied agenda to kill Blacks? And if so, does it matter if we had a “kinder and gentler” police force? does it matter how many “sensitivity training” they undergo? Does it matter if there were “civilian review boards,” does it matter if the police lived right next door to you? We must consider that this agenda comes down to them from their command structure, and if we as Blacks cannot comprehend and admit that there has always existed a need to limit our population then we are in deeper trouble than even I care to admit.

I am of the conviction that American police are following an implicit agenda to target and kill Blacks before they are forced to stop. My solution to our problem is our demand for reparations and outright separation from under the rule and domination of Whites, it is the only way to ensure not just our survival but our right to live.

written by Rudwaan for The Lions Tale

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The stark truth of the matter is that the “sagging pants” behavior is a direct projection of the prison industrial complex, in which males whose manhood has been compromised sag their pants to denote their sexual availability and vulnerability to other male inmates. This is no different than the prostitute who strolls the streets in the shortest, tightest skirt, propped up on the highest heels, revealing as much of their anatomy as the legal system will allow in order to attract customers.

The sisters who allow such Black men to be comfortable in their presence are inadvertently empowering such behavior. Their response to a brother who comes into their presence with his pants halfway to his ankle, exposing his underwear clad asset to them, should be the same as if he came into their presence with his fly open exposing his penile anatomy, with revulsion and embarrassment she would say “brother your fly is open” as she turns her head. The fact that you accept and or tolerate the sagging and exposing behavior means that you are lowering your standards and you are inadvertently empowering this errant behavior. It is quite possible that you sisters have been co-opted and your power is being used by the oppressor to empower the emasculation of the Black male.

One of the solution then, is in the proper identification of the problem. Within the walls of the prison complex the sagging and exposing behavior is part and parcel of the environment, it is required, it is supported, it is encouraged, thus if there was sufficient interest to change this behavior behind the walls, the structures that serve as fuel for the behavior would have to be eliminated, but there isn’t sufficient interest to change this behavior in that isolated environment with its own codes of conduct, where weak and weakened males serve as surrogate females to alpha males.

Outside the prison walls the problem now is with those Black males who claim to be masculine but mimic this undressed behavior of those who are inside the walls, it is those Black males that sisters are inadvertently empowering with their silence. It is those Black males to whom the sisters are the solution, and that solution being to eliminate the inadvertent acceptance to the Black male (or any male) exposing themselves to her, it is this silent acceptance coupled with granting these Black males the privilege of feeling comfortable while exposing themselves that serves to empower the behavior. Once these Black males see that this behavior is repulsive to sisters, sisters who now refuse them access to their presence with exposed assets, they will confront themselves and influence themselves and each other to change this errant, nasty, and despicable undressed behavior.

Written for The Lions Tale by Rudwaan

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What to the Afrikan born in America is your Thanksgiving Day? 

A day whose genesis was born in the misery and pain of the usurped and slaughtered true Natives of this land, mayhem wrought by the hands of the invading savage and bloodthirsty European. The Puritans, the pure satans, who hid their true satanic nature behind zealous religious dogma. Your Thanksgiving Day of blood sacrifice was super-imposed on the indigenous Day of Giving Thanks for a bountiful harvest, as was the custom of every indigenous people who tended the land. 

Thus had the Pequot Nation gathered themselves together in 1637 to Give Thanks for their Green Corn Harvest, their annual ritual, when you descended upon them in their sleeping hours and slaughtered over 700 men, women and children. You bashed in skulls, you scalped them, and you burnt to death men, women and children yet alive. You celebrated over their screams of agonizing death. It was the very next day that the Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony declared a ‘Day of Giving Thanks’ for the successful slaughtering of over 700 men, women and children. What to the Afrikan born in America is your Thanksgiving Day? 

You continued to maraud your way thru the land, and after each successful slaughtering of an indigenous tribe your so-called ‘holy’ churches would announce a Day of Giving Thanks, you would feast. After you successfully beheaded men, women and children and allowed your ‘kids’ to kick their heads thru the streets as soccer balls, you would gather and feast in a Day of Giving Thanks, you would have many such days, your lust for blood was unquenchable. You would publicly display the heads of native chiefs impaled on poles for over 24 years, what savagery, what barbarism, what to the Afrikan born in America is your Thanksgiving Day? 

The more you killed, the more you gave thanks; your George Washington finally suggested that only one day of Thanksgiving be set aside per year, instead of celebrating and feasting after every massacre. Your Abraham Lincoln would in 1863 officially decree Thanksgiving Day a national holiday, incidentally this would be the same day he ordered troops to march against the starving Sioux in Minnesota. This is the genesis and history of your Thanksgiving Day, what is it to the Afrikan born in America? 

What vested interests have we in your celebration of blood sacrifice, of slaughter and mayhem, of the suffering and pain you inflicted on the natives to this land? When we ourselves were being beset upon by European slave hunters? Over 20 Afrikans would be sold into chattel bondage around 1619, your subjugation of the Afrikan would continue unabated as your first slave ship ‘Desire’ would be rolled out in 1636. Unchecked, the hoards and whores of Europe would plunge the Afrikan into the most brutal era of human existence known as the ‘Maafa’, the great Hellacaust, to date no other peoples on this planet has endured such savagery, much less survived. You gave thanks for that, why should we? 

It is estimated that hundreds of millions of Afrikans were kidnapped, slaughtered, worked to death over a 400 year period in order to build the wealth of America and Europe, you saw much to be thankful for as you still benefit from this era. We, however, have no vested interests in your Thanksgiving Day, it is not a day that we can with a clear conscience and informed presence of mind celebrate with you, to do so we would have to be sufficiently and effectively brainwashed, to do so will be but madness. Imagine a mother and father celebrating the murders of their sons and daughters with their murderers. It runs counter to reason and sanity. 

What to the Afrikan born in America is your Thanksgiving Day? it is a day that we will fast against your imperial greed, we will read and recite the truth to our youth, it is a day that we will gather with family and friends, not to gorge ourselves in gluttonous revelry, but to bond and re-bond, to plan and reason the seasons with each other, yes to laugh and relax but not at our own expense. To the Afrikan born and or residing in America your Thanksgiving Day is yours and yours alone.


In memory of our Ancestor Frederick Douglas



The Lions Tale © 11-27-14


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Should Black Americans blackout Black Friday?

Tue., Nov. 25, 2014 8:45 AM EST

by Rolling Out


The Lions Tale issues the call to: “Black-out Black Friday.”


America has a Black President and tons of rich Black entertainers, sports figures, and businessmen and women. It has a large black middle class. Black America makes more money than any country in Africa, even more than Nigeria with its oil and South Africa with its diamonds and gold.

Yet, the systematic oppression of Black people in America is deeply embedded in the fabric of U.S. society. Twenty-five percent of the Black population lives below the poverty line. 

• No justice received for George Junius Stinney Jr.,  a Black 14-year-old boy falsely accused and executed in South Carolina in 1929. He was the youngest person executed in the United States in the 20th century.
• No justice received for Assata Shakur (falsely accused, imprisoned, now hunted by the USA)
• No justice received for Trayvon Martin (murdered by a racist wanna-be cop)
• No justice received for Mumia Abu Jamal (false imprisonment by the USA)
• No justice received for Amadou Diallo (brutally tortured by police)
• No justice received for Troy Davis (murdered by the USA)
• No justice received for Oscar Grant (murdered by police)
• No justice received for Sean Bell (murdered by police)
· No justice received for Mike Brown (murdered by police)
· No justice received for (your name here)
· No justice received … again and again

The fact is:

• Black people are twice more likely to be out of work than whites.
• Black people have 4 cents for every dollar a white person has.
• Black people are six times more likely to be in prison than a white.
• Black people are murdered by police or extrajudicial persons every 36 hours.
• Black people are one million deep in a prison population of 2 million.
• Black people were left to save themselves or drown in 2006 when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.
• Black people are spending more than a $trillion dollars in the American economy.

“Negroes who have been so long inconvenienced and denied opportunities for development are naturally afraid of anything that sounds like discrimination.” –Carter G. Woodson

“Slavery has never been abolished from America’s way of thinking.” –Nina Simone

• We are asking that you spend no money on the day known as Black Friday.
• We will no longer march in the streets then spend our money in a system that does not value or respect us.
• We will circulate our money back into our communities and empower ourselves.
• We will value and respect ourselves.
• We must flex our economic leverage and let the system of governance know that we are truly sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Please spread the word.

–The Lions Tale (courtesy of Rudwaan) 


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The Hidden scandal on Scandal

The Lions Tale


The hidden scandal on Scandal








Olivia Pope is the lead character from the mind of Shonda Rhimes as she brought her TV show Scandal to life. By now the show’s ratings and success is well known. The content of the show is also well known so there is no need to build up to my viewpoint. The reason I waited so long to pen this blog is in the above statements.


Olivia Pope is a frightened little Black girl who received a 5-star education and sub-par parental love. Spat out of a dysfunctional family and caged in the best European Boarding Schools she would craft a hardened atmosphere but remain fragile and frightened at her core where that little Black girl still lives.


Like a moth to the flame she was drawn into an adulterous relationship with the married President Fitz, who is but a broken drunk with anger issues, a combination of this sort can often be mistaken for strength and virility by broken women. Fitz is the apple that did not fall far from the tree, his father was also a broken drunk with anger issues who would rape his own son’s (Fitz) wife Mellie. This is what many Black women refuse to see for they are so drunk with the character of a Powerful Black Woman they refuse to see the deluge that she is walking into with open eyes, not with intelligent, self-confident, self-assured eyes, but eyes wide shut, eyes of someone who has an empty soul to fill.


Fitz’s manner of speech towards Olivia is reminiscent of the drunken and vile Plantation owner demanding that his Black slave girl remove her clothes. Olivia Pope is not a character to be idolized for in doing so you co-sign on the brutal acts of rape perpetrated against every Black woman at the hands of the those men who saw themselves as her masters. Olivia’s character begs for empathy, for relief from the pain of a false positive. Her facial expressions are constantly crying out for help. There were other women like her who would willingly give themselves to the plantation owner and or the overseers as a means to an end, they too found coping mechanisms for the betrayal of their souls in the bottom of fish-bowl glasses, drugs or more wanton sex. They like Olivia suffered from TSD (Traumatic Stress Syndrome).


The hidden scandal on Scandal is that Olivia Pope is a rape victim. On more than one occasion she would say NO! STOP! and President Fitz would ignore her pleas, he would tell her point blank ‘I will not stop’, beyond that point is rape. It matters not that she seemed to be a co-conspiritant in her own rape, she said NO! STOP! and any man worth his salt as a man does not proceed to wear down her defenses, to ply away at fragile emotional states to achieve his end, to do so is rape. And Olivia Pope was raped repeatedly by President Fitz. In one episode where President Fitz was angry with Olivia Pope, he would stalk her in the hallway, grab her violently. throw her into a closet and proceed to force himself on her, even though she resisted and even slapped him, this is rape.


Rhime’s scripting of Scandal is an unwitting endorsement of the barbaric plantation era, when Black women were forcibly taken sexually by any and every whiteman; the same can be seen in Olivia’s character as she jumps from one whiteman’s bed to another, these men are usually in varying degrees of drunkenness. Rhimes tips her hand as Black women viewers celebrated Olivia dumping her only Black male sexual partner, a Senate Majority Leader, calling his manhood into question because he did not force himself on her, when she said no he did not kick the door in, he respected her, he loved her, he wanted to share his life with her, she would accuse him of wanting a ‘white picket fence’ life, while she wanted ‘painful’ love. Incidentally President Fitz would also propose building her that house with the ‘white picket fence’ and settling into a mundane life of apple pies. She did not refuse him for that as she did the brother.


This is the mindset of a rape victim that has not received the appropriate therapy. It is great that Rhimes scripts a Black woman into a position of power, but at what cost? How many white women positioned into powerful roles have been raped by Blackmen and then continue to engage relationships with those Blackmen for all the world to see? the answer is zero. Olivia Pope a Black woman was raped by President Fitz a whiteman, and that’s the hidden scandal on Scandal. When a woman says NO! STOP! and a man continues to make sexual advances whether it’s smooth talking or physical handling, it is rape, not hot steamy sex, rape.


So while all you Black women are buying fish-bowl wine glasses, putting life on pause and tweeting your twits on Thursday nights, as you cheer for Olivia Pope the Gladiator ask yourself why a Gladiator? reminiscent of the Roman days of slavery and bondage where the Gladiator is but a schooled fighter sworn and contracted to a master, whose life is but entertainment as a form of distraction from reality for the Roman citizens. Why could Rhimes not find it in her to make her a Warrior, reminiscent of her Afrikan Heritage, walking in the footsteps of other Black women Warriors such as Harriet Tubman, Queen Mother Yaa Asantewaa, Assata Shakur, Queen Nzinga Mbande and so many others who did not compromise their self- dignity and thus the dignity of all who looked like them. Know that you like the Roman Citizens of yesteryear are cheering for the rape, the gouging, and the sexual death of Olivia Pope the Gladiator, a Black woman, at the hands of white men. This is the hidden scandal on Scandal.



The Lions Tale



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