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Brothers need to stop treating sisters like something they own
like them headphones in their ear
yeah, the ones pumping that bullshit in the air
making you feel large while your power is in fear
you fear the power so the power is the power you fear
what you own you can do with as you will
back to them headphones
you can throw them in the air and shoot to kill
when you grow a pair you still shoot to kill
you whoop to thrill
them headphones you can trash them, bash them
you own them so you can crash them
but a human being?, a divine sentient being?
a womb-being at that?
like the portal that brought you from this to that?
now you think you phat
you can't bash that
that's against the Law
don't get it twisted
I'm not talking about the Law so saw
the ones with guns, badges and a thirst for war
I'm talking about Divine Law
I speak of Ma'at
The Law that was before the law that is
Yurugu’s broken law that is
that broken tool
sharpened by token coons
the law you bow to so you broken 2
your father more than likely is broken one
where it begun
it’s not that far back
study The Laws of Ma’at
you bash the sisters you bash that
and you don't want that to bash back
you say you god but you bashing Black
Black backs are tired of getting whacked
whipped stripped tarred feathered and hung
who are you to stop the sister from singing her song?
brothers need to stop treating sisters like something they own
take off them damn headphones
turn around head home
I think you left your head home

Rudwaan © 5-17-15


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