Hollywood says you can leap tall buildings in a single bound
move faster than the speed of sound
even faster than Usain Bolt
grab live wires not even a jolt
journey thru worm-holes and back
you play the Mexican, the Indian Chief you even play Black
you were in the beginning before there was a beginning
you were Cleopatra, Moses even Gods and Kings
you not only received the ten commandments
you were in the burning bush that gave it
you are the Gods of wind and thunder
you can even breathe under water
you are the Jesus in the Christ
the men not the mice
roll the dice
you’re the six twice
all others are but crap
only you can be Bond, James Bond
Idris is just a Black fish in a White pond
you are the conqueror of worlds and universes
you are the issuer of blessings and curses
dear miserable whiteman
this all plays well on the big screen
but in real life you’re the recessive gene
dear miserable whiteman you’re facing extinction
life is not Hollywood this is truth not fiction
you’re at negative population growth
so in the end your bullshit floats
dear miserable whiteman
now leap that.

Rudwaan ©

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  • Actually, I think my problem was with the title, too.  If it had said something about Hollywood, I might not have reacted in the same way.  But thank you for speaking the truth. 

  • Brother Rudwaan, maybe I preferred the piece on the Confederate flag becauuse it was talking about something specific.  This one was more general although the topic is Hollywood.  

    We need to have our own means of production and distribution, then we will be less bedazzled by Hollywood and by the white-dominated media.  But yes, your piece made some excellent points. I shall be checking out your site.  Thanks for the link.  

  • Brother Wes, I was saying that this represents just one example of us focusing on the white man (and woman) rather than putting our focus on where it needs to be - on ourselves.  I see examples of this kind of thinking all the time.  We need to focus on ourselves - our weaknesses and the strengths.  Focusing on someone else's weaknesses is far easier than focusing on our own, but it does not achieve anything. 

    We do not need to "get the attention of our oppressor", we need to get our own attention and each other's attention.  Real, deep and positive change can only happen when we change ourselves.  

    In the process of learning about ourselves, of course we will become more aware of the shortcomings of the Europeans.  It is inevitable.  When we are aware of our history, including the recent history of Africa, the shortcomings of the Europeans become glaringly obvious.  However, as I said, we can only bring about real, positive and lasting change by focusing on ourselves.  When we go on about the badness of Europeans, then whose power are we focusing on - theirs or ours?  We need to become more aware of our own power.  

    Also, let's bear in mind that not all Europeans act as members of the group, i.e. with vicious racism and all the other -isms.  There are some few who behave as individuals, i.e. with integrity. 

  • South

    Thank you for your response, there are many roles we must put our hands to towards the 'end-game' liberation of the Afrikan people from under the rule, authority and domination of yurugu. I have accepted my role as a Spoken Word artist who writes mostly based on ancestral urges. Some of my writings admonish us, some uplift our spirits, and some dismantle yurugu's arsenal used against us. If you have a moment please reference my website you will find many such writings there, some are also published here on this site. I also have 2 books published entitled 'Endangered Speeches' and 'This 2 is Love' both are available on my website. Thanks again for your input.

  • Caricom

    Rudwaan: I stand corrected. Please accept my apologies. I meant no disrespect and wrote a "stream of consciousness" comment in the spur of the moment. Thank you for keeping me balanced. This is a good example of our interdependent spirit. Again, many thanks.

    Shalom family.

  • South


    "If we really want to get the attention of our oppressor, we need to hit him where it really hurts - in the pocketbook. I am tired of begging and can think of no more effective way to make our voice heard, loud and clear. Please note the suggestion…"
    Dec 15, 2014
    And I agree with 100% Brother Bernard, and I also agree with some of the points Zhana has made, but this is just one piece that is brilliantly written that you both are casting a negative light on, when I read your comments I don't see that 'let's leave the whiteman alone' sentiment you are now harping on, can we not walk and chew gum at the same time? did Malcolm not shine a light on the real character of the whiteman? Please help me understand how this piece qualifies as 'us' expending far too much time, money and effort on the whiteman? it does not, so therefore the comments are out of place here and serve only to betray the oppressions wounds that has us expending far too much time and effort countering each other, when the discussion about the Nazi flag and the Confederate flag was raised you agreed with the points, I didn't see these statements about spending too much time on white folks business. So while I thank you for your comments, I would say that we can and do in fact walk and chew gum at the same time, your comments on other posts is proof of that.
  • Caricom

    I think what Zhana is trying to say is we are expending far too much time, money and effort discussing what that white man is doing. We have not the luxury to waste such resources. Let us dedicate ourselves to discovering who we are, why we are here and what value we are ready to bring to our community. We can never be happy, productive and value-added people while we are preoccupied constantly with the white man. Ours is the most glorious story ever told. Let us focus on communicating that little known story. Shalom family.

  • South

    this piece does not represent a 'focus of our energies', and yes I know of the 'clean glass' approach when you read the works of such as Francis Cress Welsing who identifies yurugu as the 'original motherfucker' I didn't see that as a focus of energies that would detract from the 'law of increase' sometimes when it is given to you to speak truth about power you must do just that, not all of us are given to do that, and this piece does just that, nothing else, hidden in most of our sub-conscious is the desire to defend whites when they are attacked, I am here to remind them of the truth that they are the recessive gene and in no way can they ever be superior to the dominant gene, no matter what Hollywood scripts for them.

  • Every word that you say is true.  And yet, I still say, we need to concentrate our efforts, our energies and our attention on celebrating ourselves and each other. 

    Yes, Hollywood has bedazzled us.  The way to counter the bedazzlement, to break the spell, is education.  We need to educate ourselves about ourselves.  Not give our energies to blaming white people and putting them down.  Not that you are wrong - far from it!  But it's a question of where we put our energies.  What we focus on increases.  That is the Law of Increase.   We can focus on others' weaknesses or on our own greatness.  It's our choice. 

  • South

    thank you for your comment Zhana, you are absolutely correct that we Afrikans are much more, but what we are not is a Hollywood rendition of false reality that affects the thoughts of the world, Afrikans particularly are affected in subtle ways by Hollywood's rendition of the Whiteman, the fact that so many of our beautiful women bleach their skins, straighten their hair with lyes and lies, cover their own natural crowns with someone else's hair to gain that European look, the fact that so many of our men think that having a White woman on their arms is the supreme accomplishment, after the Black woman helped to get them where they are, the fact that so many of our children would choose the white doll because it is prettier than the Black doll, and we can go yes we must push back and expose the lie for what it is, this piece does just that

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