The re-execution of Denmark Vesey

We Afrikans/original peoples/dominant gene people are a spiritual people, we communicate and are communicated to spiritually, living under the Western influence of DirectedTv and microwaved foods we have abandoned our natural instincts in favor of a more Hollywood produced lifestyle...While our Ancestors do not cause things to happen (they need a body to influence this realm physically) they influence the supreme math so that those who have eyes can see...this was a re-execution of Denmark Vesey directed by the force that is EVIL (LIVE spelled backwards, the anti-crystallization (Christ) of the 3rd eye) that senses the end of its Two Thousand Seasons (see Ayi Kwei) of domination on this planet, this is why the vessel that carries this force of evil (the whiteboy) asked for the Church's leader, it's pastor (this is the position that Denmark Vesey occupied) and sat next to him, he was the actual intended target.By re-executing Denmark Vesey this force of evil hopes to derail the awakening and de-calcification of the eye of Heru, the 3rd eye, the Christ-mind which can only be accomplished by those who can access 360 degrees of knowledge, those who are the life-givers of this planet, those who have sufficient melanin...those who by merely standing upright (Rise Up) will move thru the earth like a healing wind and usher in an era of true peace..this is the world (whirl)-wind Garvey spoke of and it is hereThis force of evil only has access to 33 degrees of knowledge at its disposal, due to its primary vessel's recessive gene and lack of sufficient melanin, its true intention is to remain in its current position meant for the force good (god) (know ye not that ye are gods/good?)This is spiritual warfare and we must fight it in spirit and with truth..exposing the truth is the sunlight to the vampire..we cannot sink any further as a people, our children cannot sag their pants any further without actually taking them off, our men cannot lose their minds any further without changing their physical appearances and becoming the very dogs they are now sexing, our women cannot mis-use their divine power and strip any further while stripping brothers intended to do good of their morals..there is onlty one way for us to go and that is back up to where we belong..for the sake of all of creation including those with recessive genes. UP YOU MIGHTY PEOPLE AND ACCOMPLISH DIVINE WILL..
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