Martin Beyond

These words
have gathered themselves together
on these pages
not for to praise Martin
but to honor him
to tell him thank you
for a valiant effort
to remember him
as he appeared unto us
a man who stood for, preached for
marched for non-violence
a man who so loved his people
that he sacrificed his own mortal existence
as a ransom for their freedom
a man with a vision of world peace and harmony
this man Martin was an honorable man
not yet perfect in ways
but seeked after the ways of perfection

These words
have gathered themselves together
on these pages
with a purpose of gratitude and reverence
they too contain an all-consuming passion for Justice
as Martin did
they too seek to awaken in a people
the divine fabric of wisdom
as Martin did

they too hunger for
the truth
the whole truth
and nothing but the truth
as Martin did
they too search un-tiringly for the path
to the promise land
as Martin did

But these words seek to do more
they seek to go beyond the grave
to cross over into the land of our dreams
where the scheme of things are seen
as they really are
and by far we see who we really are
hear now the voice of Martin from beyond

“My people my beloved people I tried
there was conceived in me a divine passion
a mission to restore a lost people
to the God of their creation
but you see where there’s good, there is also evil
and this evil has interwoven a web of deception
into the very religion
that has replaced that old-time religion
the religion of our ancient ancestors
this new-time religion
was conjured up by the same beast
that wanders to and fro
seeking innocent souls on which to feast

this new-time religion
has cunningly excluded
all references to our ancient way
it fails to speak of creation
from an Afrikan centered point of view
it casts man in the role of an isolated soul
isolated from the sun, the moon, and the stars
this new-time religion is not of life
but of death
forgive me my people
my beloved people
I really tried

But let not my dying be in vain
learn from my mistakes
don’t follow me footstep for footstep
for my footsteps will only lead to death
I was remiss in that I could not see

I could not see
that divine Justice could not be found
in the court houses of this land
that divine wisdom did not reside
in the White House of the white man
that divine truth was not written
in the Declarations and Constitutions of this country
that we should in fact
hold certain truths to be evidence of self
that though all men are created equally
all men are not created equal

No more than the river holds the same potential
as the sea
no more than the stars are created equal in power
to the sun
no more than every gale of wind
blows with the same force

So I say unto you my people
that this divine Justice you seek
this divine wisdom you seek
this divine truth you seek
cannot be found without paying a divine price
that this divine price does not require
that you bleed to be freed
but that we pray less with our mouths
and meditate more in our hearts
this divine price means
being in this world but not of this world
this divine price demands
that we Journey deep deep within
towards the consciousness of the God-mind
and therein find the promised land

Now I know that you will go thru
many red seas of doubt
when you make it on thru
divine Justice will be your reward
I know that you will face
many wildernesses of despair and despondency
remember that one cannot live by bread alone
but by every spoken word from the Most High

this is the key to divine wisdom
3828579010?profile=originalI know that you will come to
many cross roads of decisions
it is here that fear is crucified
it is here that divine truth is found
and it is this truth that will set you free
I know that one day you will get to the promise land
and when you do my beloved people
remember me Martin’

These words have gathered themselves together
on these pages
to remember Martin
to remember that he tried
he truly tried

From the NEW BOOK 'The Next Test of Men' by Rudwaan


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