We resolve, we resolve, we resolve
by Rudwaan

It’s the start that stops most of us
resolutions are dropped
as glasses are raised
in a New Year’s toast to us
most mean well
most can hardly tell
why most mostly fail
while most others mostly boast to us
it’s the start that stops most of us

We resolve to consume less
get our shoes from Payless
pay less time to daytime soap stress
and more time to our night-time love nest
love less needless drama
and give more love to our baby’s mama

We resolve to lose those extra pounds
round by round
to fight our way up off the ground
to lay our financial burdens down
to take that wait off our shoulders
increase self-esteem
to be that much bolder

We resolve to give birth to a new self
take our lifelong dreams down off the shelf
put our Queens back on lands flowing with wealth
we resolve, we resolve, we resolve
we resolve to start supporting us
but it’s the start
that stops
most of Us

from the book ‘ENDANGERED SPEECHES’ by Rudwaan
go to for more info on books by Rudwaan

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