The speculation abounds around the event that was reported to have taken place on June 12, 2016 at the Pulse Nightclub. What we do in our Intermediate I Ching Online Workshop is to ask pertinent questions about this event to see what the Oracle will tell us.
We take many things into consideration when asking our questions. We understand that personal bias and skew the responses from the I Ching so we work hard to develop the most objective questin we can so as to get the answers that we can best understand from the I Ching.
This method has proven to be amazing over and over again. If you have not seen the I Ching at work, then check out the video series, "What Happened to Prince Rogers Nelson? Ask A Psychic?" to see for yourself.
This method of inquiry skips the middle man and goes straight to the source. We can surmise more succinctly from our query because the I Ching takes so many things into account, it covers all Known and unknown bases. It has proven to be remarkable in giving us answers as well as steering us in the right direction, away from our personal perceptions.
The I Ching Workshops Online, Beginners 101 and 102 are still open so feel free to sign up.
Here are the questions for those of you who want to try it out for yourself. We will cover these questions in part two of this video series.
Dear Honorable Spirits of the I Ching,

  1. Please comment on the event that was reported to have taken place at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, on June 12, 2016.
  2. Please comment on how this person (meaning you) should view this event.
The False Flag Formula – 15 Ways to Detect a False Flag Operation  Dec. 18, 2015
False Flag Formula #1: Drill at the Same or Nearby Time and Place
The exercise or drill – at the same time, at the same place – has became the sine non qua or indispensable element of the recent false flag operation. ………
Here are a few of its purposes:
  1. Distract and remove key personnel who would otherwise be at the scene to contain and investigate it;
  2. Confuse other personnel who will treat the whole event in a different way if they think it is a drill rather than a real event;
  3. Slow down, reduce or eliminate an effective response, especially of police and other law enforcement, given the removal and confusion of personnel;
  4. Distract and confuse witnesses, the media and the public in general;
  5. Provide a great cover and period of lower defenses and security to carry out an attack, which would otherwise be difficult or impossible if defenses were at their usual or optimal operating level.
False Flag Formula #2: Foreknowledge
…….. proof of foreknowledge of the event…….. various webpages put up days before the event…………...
False Flag Formula #3: Eyewitnesses Have Conflicting Accounts
………….multiple conflicting witness accounts. ……..Conflicting eyewitness accounts can destroy the official narrative no matter what the detail is. ……..
False Flag Formula #4: MSM Quickly Name and Demonize the Patsy
…quickly discovers the name of the patsy? ……...why many of the patsies, deranged mass shooters, are Muslim? …………... Nothing like a good dose of Islamophobia to take your freedom away …
False Flag Formula #5: Patsy Has No Military Training, Yet Shoots Extremely Fast and Accurately
….. The skilled and lethal patsy. …… to acquire expensive military gear (including armor, guns, ammunition and more), wear that gear without getting bogged down in speed, and shoot incredibly fast and accurately………. it’s no big deal or just a coincidence that the patsy can acquire all this high-end gear and use it so well.
False Flag Formula #6: Patsy Gets Killed, Drugged or “Suicided”
……. the patsy, who is earmarked before the event to take the fall, cannot speak out to rationally defend themselves……. the patsy kill himself or herself by committing “suicide”. ….patsy is killed in plain sight, just because it’s so important to suppress his testimony……...mind control and drug the patsy to such an extent that they become a zombie vegetable…...
False Flag Formula #7: Shooter Leaves Manifesto
……..shooter’s manifestos seem to crop up an awful lot after mass shootings. …... manifestos provide a perfect explanation for the official narrative, and help fill in the missing (non-existent) motive for the attack –While the manifesto is not an element in every false flag operation, it is present in enough of them to be regarded as part of the false flag formula.
False Flag Formula #8: Evidence Gets Conveniently Destroyed
……... deliberate destruction of evidence, ………
False Flag Formula #9: No Obvious Motive for the Mass Attack
……. Crimes are supposed to be solved on the merit of motive and opportunity, yet to hide the reality of a false flag op, the MSM just lies about the motive part, and chalks it up to a deranged shooter. Other times we are offered the flimsiest of motives, …….. the real purveyors of these operations profit immensely from the ensuing fear, yet somehow the majority of people don’t seem to see that motive …
False Flag Formula #10: Immediate Calls for Gun Control
Gun control……... gun control is even pushed in the immediate aftermath of the event when people are still in a highly emotional and suggestible state. …. the political agenda of gun control angrily dominated their reactions, rather than grief or other emotions…….
False Flag Formula #11: Fake “Victims” = Crisis Actors
……..we have entered the twilight zone of the false flag hoax. This is a term used to describe the false flag mass attacks where no one dies – where fake bodies, fake blood and fake victims are used instead. In this way, the entire operation is more tightly controlled and less messy. A hallmark of the false flag hoax is that the authorities never produce a credible piece of evidence showing an actual dead body of a victim…….
False Flag Formula #12: “Victims” Get Killed Twice
………. Apparently the recycling of fake victims is another part of the false flag formula……...
False Flag Formula #13: Families of “Victims” Have Elite or Acting Backgrounds
………..Is it just a coincidence that the families of mass shooting “victims” have either elite or acting backgrounds?........This fact supports the idea that another element of the false flag formula is to watch for people with elite connections and acting backgrounds.
False Flag Formula #14: Families of “Victims” Show Little to No Emotion, and Even Snigger and Laugh
……... the majority of crisis actors used in these false flag events are poor actors who are utterly unconvincing in the roles they play. The majority display little or no emotion after an alleged tragedy like losing a family member child to a random and violent mass shooting…….
False Flag Formula #15: Families of “Victims” Receive Millions in Federal Payoffs
……... It is highly strange, therefore, that none of the alleged parents of the Sandy Hook event decided to sue the Government for negligence or to demand redress for any other grievance. Additionally, many of the alleged parents received a total of millions in unsolicited federal payouts……..
Conclusion: Use the 15 Elements of the False Flag Formula to Be More Aware
These are 15 elements I noticed forming the false flag formula. There may well be more. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Meanwhile, use the knowledge you have of the false flag formula to become more aware, wise and hip to the deception, so that the next time it unfolds (as it surely will), you will be among those that spot the fakery, rather than among those who are too scared, shell-shocked and gullible to do anything other than buy the official narrative.
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