"We have to realize that our behavior today is our history tomorrow. The question is what history do you want to write for yourself?" Michael Lee Chin Many black youths are facing a crisis. No Education, No Jobs, No Future. So many feel they are limited by their race many feel hopeless and helpless. A young child is filled with hope and dreams of the future and what they hope to become. Only to face the reality when they reach puberty it is not that easy to grasp. There are many issues facing our young people. Black youths need to demonstrate the seriousness in the pursuit.of education. There is a great need to reduce if not eliminate the extreme high rate of dropout and expulsion within the school system of black youths. Encourage youths to continue their educational growth. Due to the lack of equal job opportunities many find themselves at the very bottom of the career ladder with a lower earning potential. The constant branding of acting black, how else are they suppose to act Black is who they are. There is unacceptable social behavior and that is what needs to change. The continuing saga between police and youth relationship has been a long and ongoing debate that is still not resolved. Black youths are in jail in record numbers. Then there is the internal issues how we treat and respect each other. These are just some of the issues, there are many more we have to save our youths. The killing of black youths has surpass 200 over the last 6 years. This has caused great pain and suffering for the families and members of our community, The present situation is of great concern . We need to stop talking and ACT NOW. As a community we have to speak with ONE VOICE these series of forums will address those issues. The focus will be on Violence,Health, Education, Mental Health and many more issues that youth are facing. Angela Swain-Thorpe Project Coordinator Reachout Committee Inc. (289) 232-6407 (416) 571-9337 Email http://www.blogger.com/reachout-committee@sympatico.ca Website http://reachout.jimdo.com/ "It takes a community to raise a child" If we aren't willing to pay a price for our values, If we aren't willing to make some sacrifices in order to realize them, then we should ask ourselves whether we truly believe in them at all... ...Barack Obama - AUDACITY OF HOPE Though distances may beckon them, and far away they roam, the concept that will judge their lives are those they learn at home. so teach them love of common things, the keys to inner wealth , and teach them love of fellowman and love of life itself. and though their steps may wander far, they need not walk alone, for surely deep within their hearts they'll carry thought of home.
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