-- Tour patrons will experience Ghana's culture, night life, shopping, networking, business, investment opportunities and more. --

Group picture of the last tour to Ghana in July 2011

(BlackNews.com) -- Africa for the Africans Tours & Investments is a black-owned Atlanta based international business enterprise specializing in Africa tours and investments services. According to them, "the African slave trade has completely divided our people globally and as a result we have been disconnected from our true roots and culture." As a result, they are dedicated to empowering Africa as a home base for people of African descent worldwide.

The company provides Africans throughout the Diaspora with a cultural and historical reconnection to the African continent. With a determined mission to foster lasting relationships with our African family, a vision inspired by the Honorable Marcus Garvey, who used the term "Africa for the Africans" to encourage a black nation and ownership of land outside of America. Africa for the African's vision has guided hundreds of people yearning to be exposed to opportunities in West Africa. Their tours are intended to enlighten, stimulate and create nothing less than a life changing experiences through investment forums, social network gatherings and repatriation services for our travelers.

From humbling historical landmarks to the bustling marketplaces, they nurture and guide their groups through a colorful and emotional journey. Tour patrons are exposed to the many investments, land/home ownership opportunities that exist in Ghana as well as opportunities to experience the gift of giving by delivering valuable school supplies, toys and clothing to children's orphanages and schools during the tour. Their familial vibe and energy transforms the tours into something much more than a vacation package.

Africa for the Africans is a fully fledged cultural movement. All are invited to come experience Ghana's culture, night life, shopping, networking, business, investment opportunities and more on the upcoming tours on the following dates: February 22 - March 6, 2012, May 16 - 29, 2012, October 24 - November 6, 2012.

Bomani Tyehimba
Africa for the Africans: Tours & Investments



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