Well folks, it looks like a 300% refund and tickets to next year’s Super Bowl-with paid accommodations-is not going to be enough to appease the some 400 individuals who were turned away in Dallas at the big game. The first lawsuits were filed in federal court on Wednesday. It appears the culprit is lack of preparation. The additional seats that were sold were deemed unsafe by the fire marshal due to lack of adequate guard rails. The second company-who took over for the first company that left Jerry and the NFL commission in a bind-miscalculated the spacing required between the guard rails and failed to bring enough supply of product to satisfy the safety requirement. Oh, the woos that a little miscalculation can bring. Owing to forgotten lines of our National Anthem by Ms Aguilera and a less than stellar half-time performance, can we all get a refund-except of course Packer’s fans?

“We all make mistakes, however, if we are aware of the pitfalls that can occur, there is a better chance we can avoid errors that, more often than not, can be fairly costly,” states *Susan A Friedmann, CSP. This line, by The Trade Show Coach of Lake Placid, NY, an internationally recognized expert working with companies to increase their profitability at tradeshows, is applicable to many situations, but none more so than in relation to Trade Show Exhibits. She used it as an introduction to her article, “Ten Common Mistakes Exhibitors Make” (Trade Show Articles, 5 Aug. 2009. Web. 11 Feb. 2011. <<a href="">;.)

We share three of her four points in regard to ‘preshow’ mistakes as offers an immense inventory of trade show exhibits and accessories online and hence, this is the act where our services normally enter center stage:

1. Failing to set exhibiting goals. Goals, or the purpose for exhibiting, are the essence of the whole tradeshow experience. Knowing what you want to accomplish at a show will help plan every other aspect – your theme, the booth layout and display, graphics, product displays, premiums, literature, etc. Exhibiting goals should complement your corporate marketing objectives and help in accomplishing them.

2. Forgetting to read the exhibitor manual. The exhibitor manual is your complete reference guide to every aspect of the show and your key to saving money. Admittedly, some show management makes these easier to read than others. Albeit, everything you need to know about the show you are participating in, should be contained in the manual – show schedules, contractor information, registration, service order forms, electrical service, floor plans and exhibit specifications, shipping and freight services, housing information, advertising and promotion. Remember that the floor price for show services is normally 10-20% higher so signing up early will always give you a significant savings.

3. Leaving [trade show exhibits’] graphics to the last minute. Rush, change and overtime charges will add significantly to your bottom line. Planning your graphics in plenty of time – 6-8 weeks before show time will be less stressful for everyone concerned and avoid many blunders that occur under time pressures.

The staff at has years upon years of experience in the art of dealing with Trade Show Exhibits which has awarded us the ability to contemplate mistakes in the making and take action to prevent such miscues before they happen (to the best of our ability). Just as the NFL could do nothing to prevent the uncharacteristic frigid winter storm that visited Big D in February, there are acts of nature and by others that are out of our control. But when it comes to our part, we check and recheck to make sure all our bases are covered for our clients’ exhibit needs.

Whether it is an elaborate custom modular display or a simple Pop Up Banner Stand you are purchasing from us, we will not short you on customer service. If there is a certain peculiarity to a paneled displayed system you are considering, we will bring it to your attention. From experience, we can advise you on accessories to enhance your trade show exhibits. With one of the largest inventories available- offering literature racks to portable displays to pre-owned custom exhibits, we are sure to carry a product(s) that suit your marketing needs. We won’t forget the lines to your company’s anthem or about the fire marshal. If you are a Steelers fan (our house stands divided), not much we can do about that….until next year.

“How to Make it BIG in a small Market” and “Meeting & Event Planning for Dummies.” &

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