The Ramey Commentaries (TM) By Mike Ramey



 “But evil men shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.”

--II Timothy 3:13 KJV


“Give Advice: If People Don’t Listen, Let Adversity Teach Them.”

--African Proverb

      A few years back, I was the guest on a local radio talk show.  The conversation started out concerning one of my areas of expertise: Modern Street Gangs.  My segment had finished, and the host asked me to stay over into the next segment, which dealt with another of my areas of expertise: Politics.  The incoming guest was a local Black, female Democrat who was soon going to be up for re-election for her second term on the City-County Council.  Her district covered a portion of the eastern part of Indianapolis/Marion County, of which I was familiar. 

      As a Republican who had been involved in local media and politics for a while, we started to chat on the air.  The guest’s ‘assumption’ was that all in the room were Democrats and were quite ignorant about how things ‘worked’ in local politics.  Keep in mind that yours truly is Black, the Democrat was Black, and the Host was Black and an experienced, well-known member of the local media scene.

      After the pleasantries, we got down to business.  The guest had no idea who I was, nor did she care to find out.  Soon, however, the differences between the Republican and Democrat parties started to come out in our conversation--especially when it came to an informed electorate.  In her view, it wasn’t her responsibility to ‘make sure’ that those who voted for her were informed and educated in the ways of local politics, or the difference between both political parties.  In my view, it WAS the duty of elected officials to ‘teach’ the citizenry as to how the political process functioned—and—their responsibility to participate.

      We disagreed on economic development and crime.  In the Democrat view, which she represented, our Black liberal heroine did not see the need to bring in a police district station to ‘clean out’ the crime in the area, making it—and the citizens—safe and prosperous enough to ‘lure’ interested businesses to the area.  In the Republican view—which I represented—I explained that IF the residents were able to have the crime muscled out of the area by a police presence, they, in turn, would be safe to not only shop in their home area—but even see more business—small businesses--created by the residents OF that area.

      By the time the interview was over, she was not a happy camper.  Of course, she won re-election (as the Republican party was in disarray for that local election cycle).  Nevertheless, there was an effort made to place before the public a ‘clear’ definition of the two parties…which is all that anyone can accomplish.  Bottom line?  It is up to the electorate to search out the facts.

      That’s the way the founding fathers of this country intended it to be.


     America was founded as a Christian nation.  It has been shown throughout our history time and time again that a vast majority of the Founding Fathers were Christians.  The founding documents (Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, U. S. Constitution) by choice—not by accident—have a keen focus upon the God of the Bible, more power resting in the electorate (rather than the elected).  Interesting historical note.  The US Supreme Court—at one time in our history—spent more than ten years examining our founding documents and writings to see IF they were based on Christian beliefs and the God of the Bible.  The conclusion?  YES!

      Over the years though, we’ve seen modern liberals edging away from God while attempting to maintain a ‘form of godliness’.  The signs have been quietly sneaking up on society for a number of years.  The ‘clean break’ took place around 2012 when the Democrat party officially removed God, or belief in God, from their national platform.  Thus, the modern liberal--which is traditionally associated with the modern progressive movement (which has found a home in the modern Democrat party with an estimated 15% share) have firmly wrapped themselves in an “ism” which is to their own deception—and possible eternal destruction if they don’t repent:  Atheism.

      The long and short of this matter is the following:  Those who have a determined hatred of God and the people of God are NOT going to be too bright when it comes to the spiritual side of the street.  You can’t expect ungodly leaning people to care about spiritual problems or the church--except to see them destroyed.

      Atheism—according to Webster’s Dictionary--simply means the denial of or disbelief in the existence of God. There are many, many Democrats who think that they are loyal to the God of the Bible when they support such causes as abortion on demand, rioting in the streets, and socialism.  They aren’t!  They err for they know NOT the Scriptures. 

      God is serious about obedience and holiness.  You can’t be with Jesus Christ in the daylight, and dancing with the Devil in the dark.  As Elijah stated back in the Old Testament, one must choose whom they will serve.  There are many a Pastor who have ‘lost’ their power to preach the truth, because they have become ‘mired’ in Atheism--some of which may be traced to modern liberal political involvement.  They ‘go through the motions’ on Sunday morning, and are at the latest ‘downtown protest’ Sunday night.

      Eventually, these same Pastors lose their congregations and churches because they decided to stake their fortunes with the world, and not with Jesus Christ.  God does NOT bless mess, nor will He put up with those who care more for the world rather than righteousness.  God truly is longsuffering; He allows every opportunity to repent.  However…there is a point-of-no-return.  Once a person crosses ‘the deadline’, there is no going back.

      But the self-deception of modern liberals goes much deeper.  All of the ‘subgroups’ associated with today’s modern liberal—from Antifa on down the alphabet not only have a disbelief in the existence of God, they have a full bore hatred on those believers in American society—especially in the Black community. 

     Doubt me?  All one needs do is go to the individual websites of these groups and READ what they believe.  You’ll be amazed at the outright hatred aimed at the Body of Christ in each of their mission statements and belief papers.  Further, since we are in the last days—as proclaimed in II Timothy, Chapter 3 (which is where my main text resides) it should come as NO shock that modern liberals represent themselves as the ‘angels of light’ but are really in the devil’s back pocket.


     As one veteran sage from World War II noted…whom I will paraphrase: “Those who will burn the Bible will eventually burn people.”  What did America see captured on video in one western city during the riots of 2020?  Right!  One of the alphabet groups put a stack of Bibles in the street—and burned them.  This has gone from being a political battle…to a spiritual one.  The lines are clearly drawn…and Black folks in particular are going to have to realize they MUST take a stand against modern liberals both inside and outside of our communities.

      We can’t afford to let the Devil ride right over us…any longer!

      There WAS a time when Black folk who had ‘made it’ to the mainstream wanted to put forth as clean a public image as possible in order to ‘uplift’ our race.  Our grandparents, teachers and parents ‘drilled’ us on our behavior in the public square IN the family home.  We not only represented our race—we represented our God and our family name.  IF we ‘cut up’ in public, the standard M.O. was for ANYONE to punish us, let our parents know about it, and we got punished again.  Say Amen, somebody!  It wasn’t ‘abuse’; it was preparing us for future success both in the spiritual and natural.

      These days?  It seems that this belief in self responsibility, racial pride and family honor has gone the way of the Do-Do bird.  Many younger Blacks have forgotten where they have come from, have been conditioned to play the victim card AND have given ‘lip service’ to the struggles that it took for us to get where we are.  This has been a source of joy for the modern liberal coven, and their Black stage props.

      Many younger Blacks—anxious to follow the ‘liberal dollar’, possible fame on social media and the god of materialism are anxious to sign up as ‘recycled stereotypes’ of the modern era.  Briefcase or basketball?  School book or rap lyrics?  Pencil or pistol?  The more arrogant and crime-worshipping one may be is the one who gets the ‘kudos’ from the ‘liberal coven’.  If you doubt me, take a good look at what is airing in our ‘alleged’ Black media?  Right!  No new uplifting or inspiring shows--just the same ol’ rubbish that should have been tossed out years ago.  No true ‘Investigative reporting’ in the Black press—only the latest on victimhood.

      Many Black modern liberals…so it seems…are attempting to play to our weaknesses much to the applause their modern liberal Caucasian handlers—even IN the church!  Many Black modern liberals are content to—for the sake of being regarded as having ‘made it’—engage in many of the stereotypical and dangerously self-destructive activities that our foreparents would have taken us to the woodshed for appropriate disciplinary action.

      Black folks cannot go forward and backward at the same time—and be successful.  No people can.  It is up to the Black modern liberal to ‘study’ their associations and determine in which camp they belong. It is time for them to choose: Money motive or moral, godly standards.


     If you aren’t familiar with the term, “NIMBY” it means “Not In My Back Yard”.  This applies to modern liberals.  It’s all right for them to ‘demand’ clean needles for the drug addict (instead of deliverance by the power of Jesus Christ); housing illegal aliens in sanctuary cities, allowing the homeless to ‘camp out’ wherever they may desire and—the latest innovation—having American schoolteachers provide education services for illegal alien children fresh off the US border…while American schools remain closed or on video learning for US schoolchildren.

     Of course, the American taxpayer—favorite piggy bank for modern liberal politicians and causes—gets to foot the bill.  However, there ARE times when modern liberals show their ‘true’ colors when THEY run up against real life.  Earlier in April 2021 “The New York Post” ran a piece on the plight of Hollywood star and modern liberal standard bearer Rosie O’ Donnell.  You may recall that she got into trouble a few years ago when she came forth the modern liberal ‘mantra’ against guns and the people who use them…until it was revealed that SHE had armed security to protect her family and loved ones.

      Seems that O’Donnell—according to the Post account—had a house that she could NOT sell profitably in New Jersey.  The house, a six-bedroom and nine-bathroom mansion, is located in the same upscale area as rapper Ja Rule and legendary singer Mary J. Blige.  The mansion is scheduled to be torn down and the 5-acre land to be used to build affordable housing for the less fortunate.  Of course, the upscale modern liberals in the well-to-do area—yes, even the BLACK ones--who have spent years preaching and telling regular folk how they should live, how they should think, and how they should spend their money (preferably on their causes) are screaming “NIMBY”!  They don’t want the ‘affordable housing’ to ‘drag down’ their property values.

      Doubt me?  Here’s the link to the article: Rosie O'Donnell's NJ home to be turned into affordable housing (  Get it while it is still possible TO get it.  The irony?  Of the reported 60 units to be built, 20% of them must be ‘set aside’ for the less fortunate. 

      As the saying goes: “God don’t like ugly and ain’t too thrilled with pretty.”  God also is the champion of the poor, the widow and the fatherless.  Seems this crowd of modern liberals forgot about the God who sees all and knows all.

      There is also one other biblical principle that comes into play here.  God stores up the riches of the haughty, high-minded, worldly and wicked FOR the just and righteous.  In short: if one mocks God—even a modern liberal—there will be a price to pay.  The first one is in this world.  The second—in the eternal world to come.

           Mike Ramey is a Minister, syndicated columnist and Modern Street Gangs Consultant who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.  “The Ramey Commentaries” is one of a variety of his written works appearing in cyberspace.  To drop a line—or a whine—the address is still the same:  ©2021 Barnstorm Communications International (3).

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Ramey is married and resides in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is a Christian, an Ordained Minister and KJV Bible Teacher. Since the 1980s, Ramey has won--or helped to win--multiple journalism awards and citations (including 3 CASPER awards). He holds a Police Citation for Citizen Bravery from the Indianapolis Police Department (1986) presented by the late Mayor William H. Hudnut III, and an award as ‘Best New Internet Writer’ (2003) “Black Men In” from Mr. Gary Johnson, Publisher.

His career also includes serving as an award-winning broadcast reporter, producer and TV/Radio talk show host in the Indianapolis market since 1981. In addition, Ramey has served as staff writer and section editor for The Indianapolis Recorder, and a freelancer for The Indiana Herald. Ramey has also served as a guest Op-Ed writer for The Indianapolis News, a staff writer for The Indianapolis Star, and a freelancer for BOTH The Associated Press and USA Today Newspaper (Gannett).

In business as an Anti-Gang Specialist & Consultant since 2007, Ramey is the Modern Street Gangs Specialist of “The Gang Line”. He has been interviewed in the U.S. and abroad on the dangers of Modern Street Gangs. Ramey is a Certified Modern Street Gang Specialist, with Law Enforcement (2006), Non-Law Enforcement (2010) and Gangs & Cults (2017) certifications, plus endorsements in K-12 Gang Issues (2010) and Transnational Gang Tactics (2010). He has held workshops, trainings and consultations with and for street-level/school-based personnel. He carries Specialist ratings in the area of Cult/Occult Crime, Transnational Human Trafficking and has served as a national/transnational consultant to various faith-based anti-gang ministries.

Ramey has also served as a veteran substitute licensed teacher (1986-2011), a college instructor, a Probation Officer (Intensive/High Risk & School-Based 2001-2007) with the Marion County Juvenile Court and a peer grant reviewer of anti-gang grant programs for the U.S. Department of Justice (2010). He also created, designed and taught the course UM-190 “Modern Street Gangs: Developing Urban Ministry Strategies” in 2009 and 2010 at Crossroads Bible College, Indianapolis, Indiana for those who desired to serve Jesus Christ in an Urban Ministry environment. Ramey also served as a post-production consultant for Chick Publications’ anti-gang comic: “Black Angel”. It had a 2013 national release, with an international Spanish-language version released in 2014.

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