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      One does not have to be a ‘rocket scientist’ to notice that the media narrative—even in our cartoons—contains a major league ‘erasure’ of father and son relationships.  This ‘erasure creep’ has been going on since the 1990s.  We’ve been treated to more ‘ink’ about the ‘woes’ of the WNBA, Women’s Soccer and female college athletics that the social engineers should be choking on the high levels of estrogen in the air.  Then, we have noticed the rise of strong female superheroes in cartoons and at the movies, while at the same time, the social engineers ‘whine’ about young men and boys not ‘taking their rightful places’ in society.

      The erasure and character assassination of fathers has been going on since the sixties…first taking place in the Black community, and now ‘boomeranging’ back into the white community.  Frankenstein has come home to roost, and the social wizards of smart—composed of feminized women and weak-spined men—are amazed at the results.

      May I interject some truth at this point?  You want to know why the ‘Title 9 warriors’ are having such a hard time with the transgender (transvestite) issue?  Simple.  Back in the day when Title 9 first reared its ugly head on major college campuses, the ‘only’ way that the playing field was made ‘fair’ was for Athletic Departments to cut sports scholarships for male athletics and reroute the money to female athletic scholarships.  There is no telling how many young men were denied a college education as their scholarships were ‘whisked away’ without explanation to make young women feel ‘empowered’ by supporting weak college women’s sports efforts.

      Seems like poetic justice in my view.

      (I’ll drop in a marker at this point.  One cannot be ‘empowered’ unless power is taken from someone else.  Women’s college sports and women’s professional sports cannot ‘survive’ unless money is diverted—by theft or browbeating—from successful men’s sports programs.  Even the WNBA cannot survive without bullying money from the NBA.  Frankly, I’m amazed at how the NBA has ‘rolled over’ and given up the cash’ the same as NCAA men’s programs have done for NCAA women’s programs ‘for the sake of equity over profitability’.)

      Families are built by strong father and son relationships, period.  It is the father who is the head of the home—no matter how many videos make fun of his leadership skills.  Sons are the ones through whom are passed the legacy of the family, as well as the family name—no matter how many ‘hyphenated’ sisters we have in the marketplace.  Fathers exhibit leadership in the family religion, work ethic, and holy living.  Sons take that knowledge and ‘add to it’ with the technology of the times—but keep the bedrock of Dad’s teachings in their lives.

      Over the course of time, I’ve had the blessing of meeting young men from various walks of life in the working world.  I’m proud to say that—in many cases—the wives of these working men are staying home with the children, while the fathers go out and work.  This is how the traditional family had been built for centuries, until the feminists and social engineers tried the best to destroy it.  Thankfully, God’s message is getting through regarding the importance of fathers and sons.  Erase them, and you stand a good chance of seeing society fall.  On the Quick Scan—is society getting better or worse because of efforts to erase fathers and sons from the landscape?

      Yes, I know that some fathers have NOT been blessed with sons and try to make their daughters over into being ‘substitute’ sons.  Brother, no matter how hard you may teach her auto mechanics, or encourage her to throw a baseball, she will not be a son.  If you have a son or are a surrogate father to a young man from a fatherless family be encouraged!  Grow these young men into men of quality by being a father after God’s own heart through Jesus Christ.

      Stop ‘turning’ young men over to ‘feminized’ or religiously sanitized programs.  The BEST program for raising young men is to be supportive of their fathers in prayer—and practice.

      Mike Ramey is a Retired Minister, KJV Bible Teacher, syndicated columnist and Bible Prophecy Specialist who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.  “The Quick Scan” is one of a variety of his columns appearing and abounding in print and cyberspace, written from a biblical, business, and common-sense perspective since 1996.  To drop him a line—or a whine—the address is still the same:  ©2024 Barnstorm Communications International

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Rev. M. G. “Mike” Ramey (Retired) served as the Certified Modern Street Gangs Specialist & Media Consultant of “The Gang Line”. He had been interviewed in the U. S. and abroad on radio, television, and Internet about the dangers of Modern Street Gangs since 2007. His writings on Modern Street Gangs abound in print and online. Previously, he served as an award-winning broadcast journalist, producer, and TV/Radio talk show host. He has also served as a staff writer, section editor, and syndicated columnist. Ramey has won—or helped to win—some two dozen journalism awards and citations. He also holds a Police Citation for Citizen Bravery from the Indianapolis Police Department (1986). Ramey is also married, an Ordained Minister (Retired) and a KJV Bible Teacher.

Ramey is a Certified Modern Street Gangs Specialist with Certifications in Law Enforcement (2006), Non-Law Enforcement (2010), and Gangs & Cults Ministry (2017). He also has endorsements in K-12 Gang Issues and Transnational Gangs. He also carries Specialist Ratings in Cult/Occult Crime, and Transnational Human Trafficking. Ramey has also served with several International anti-gang ministries, including of Washington state (2004-2009), Thug Exposed Ministries of California (2010 to 2015) and Bishop Outreach Ministries of Florida (2010 to 2015).

In 2011 “The Gang Line” offered training and certification coursework for those interested in becoming certified Modern Street Gang Specialists: Training approaches the anti-gang ministry field through the combined use of spiritual (biblical principles/discipleship) and criminal (gang members and gang crime). From 2015-2017, Ramey served as an Advisory Board Member for the School of Criminal Justice at Harrison College, Indianapolis, Indiana, with a specialty of Organized Crime & Gangs. From 2017-2019, Ramey served as a Bible Teacher to at-risk detained juvenile offenders at the Marion County Juvenile Detention Center with his own Bible-based Curriculum centering upon Biblical Life Skills taught from the Book of Proverbs.

Rev. Ramey’s skill set includes having been a veteran substitute teacher (Secondary Education), a college instructor for two Bible colleges in the Indianapolis, Indiana area, a Probation Officer (Intensive/High Risk & School-Based) with the Marion County Juvenile Court, and a peer grant reviewer of anti-gang grant programs with the U.S. Department of Justice (2010). He also created, designed, and taught the course “Modern Street Gangs: Developing Urban Ministry Strategies—UM-190” at Crossroads Bible College, Indianapolis, Indiana (2009 & 2010). In 2013, Ramey served as a post-production Consultant for Chick Publications’ national anti-gang comic: “Black Angel”. It was translated into Spanish in 2014.

Ramey has written extensively on the topic of Modern Street Gangs with two Internet columns: “The Gang Line” and “The Gang Line Blogger” which abound in cyberspace. In a post-pandemic society, the motto of The Gang Line still rings true: “Spiritual Solutions for Spiritual Problems!”

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