The Cosby Saga, Part 3: The Uganda Connection.

In this video we take a look at an Educationist from Kampala Uganda, by the name of Professor Lawrence Mukiibi.
Professor Lawrence Mukiibi died abruptly on May 28, 2017 and his death has sent shock waves thru Uganda and some believe that it has impacted on the entire region and maybe the whole of Africa.
He was applauded for his many efforts in establishing Schools and colleges and is attributed to have at least a chain of 7 St. Lawrence Schools. These schools provided stellar educational opportunities for its students, who in some instances received full or partial scholarships.
He was loved by many and respected by even more so his death brought much grief to most who knew him.
However, there was one thing that rocked Kampala even more than his death. And that was the 50 to 100 children who showed up at his funeral claiming that he was their father. It seems that not only was he a prolific school establishment builder but he had the propensity to engage in sexual activities outside of his marriage with many of his female students who in several instances became pregnant and bore children for him.
This caused a shock wave which cause many to engage in damage control as you will see from the articles that I review in this video.
Articles sited in this video:
Uganda: Why Ugandans Should Condemn the Late Professor Mukiibi's Act
Uganda: Catholic Church Defends Prof Mukiibi Over Children
Uganda: Mukiibi Founded, Owned All His Schools and Colleges - Fr Luzindana
Uganda: Banks Stuck With Mukiibi Cash
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