The Cosby Saga: Introduction (Videos)

The%2BCosby%2BSaga-Intro.png?width=320NB Commentary: Bill Cosby is about to be back in the news. After a little over a year or so, the media attention will be focused on him once again. Unless of course they give us something else to focus on. Which is quite likely.

I am going to create a video playlist… and hopefully I won't get too distracted from this project. But I have written several blogs on this topic and I wish to share my thoughts with you on some of the topics that I covered in my blog.
This is a weird adventure for me because I actually met Bill Cosby. In fact, I have never been given to the star mania, but there were a handful of "stars" who derived the allure from me that most others did not, so when I met him, I was overwhelmed and practically became faint. He had become a household word in my life as a young teenager and young adult. He was a black man that I listened to. His comedy albums were something that you cherished.
Back then to even purchase one album was a sign of having some significant income, not too mention having a library of albums by various artist and entertainers. 
I grew up around the Red Fox, Richard Pryor and several other "foul" mouthed comedians who were only played at adult parties. It was awesome to listen to a black man, make us laugh and be able to do it in the light and around children and family members.
h1dg2y7ggvtRm8jsW4rsmosux1g.jpgWe would sit on our steps on summer nights and mimic his routine. Most of us had never even seen him in person but we knew his albums by heart and we would sound like him at least.
There was one youth on our block who was so funny, before he started mimicking Cosby, that when he added Cosby to his repertoire, he was even more funny and he kept us laughing till we shed tears and other bodily fluids.
So, it is definitely disheartening to have this man, a superstar in our eyes back then and an icon, AKA America's dad in the eyes of the more contemporary folk.
The great thing about age is that you were there when it happened. And then again, you find out as you get older, that you were not really there on some levels, particularly if they were covering up and had hidden agendas.
All we knew back then was that he was a black man and he was funny as hell and that he didn't curse and he talked about his life and family to such a degree that we could all relate to it, especially since we were from Philadelphia.
1966-I-Spy.jpgWhat we did not is the Hollywood drama. We did not know the shenanigans that went on behind the scenes. We were not privy to the real Cosby and what he had to do to become the "icon" or "America's Dad". We did not know any of that. And it is so true today, that many folks have no clue of what happens behind the scenes when it comes to the folks they adore, the stars they emulate and even want to be like. They have no clue as to what has to happen to these stars or even what happened to them before they became entertainers.
Today, we have the Internet. In the 50's and 60's we had black and white televisions and lp's and 45's. We had one or two papers in the neighborhood.  We had Jet Magazine, Sepia and Ebony. There were few publications that catered to the Black community so we got our news from Time, Newsweek, Look and sometimes Reader's Digest.  None of these publications would talk openly about what went on behind the scenes in Hollywood. And if so, it would be inferred or in fiction form. Every once in a while a brave reporter would go deep into a story and tell all, but still those stories were syndicated and only written in certain news outlets and magazines. In those days we had word of mouth or gossip in some cases about the stars, but if it was about someone we favored, we would blow it off as jealousy.
Nowadays, the wealth of information and the ability to gain more and more of it, is sometimes overwhelming, and while you may want to get your hands on it all, it is virtually impossible to do so, so you have to pick and focus and stay focused.
What I wish to do with this video series is discuss the some many tentacles that are part of the Cosby Saga.
I will start with this article from Atlanta Black Star.
  • Then I will talk about Camille Cosby.
  • Then I want to go to my dream.. I really think that my dream has all the following elements in it.
  • I will address what folks perceive as racism when Bill Cosby was targeted for the "fall" from grace.
  • I will give you all a little history on Bill Cosby, his background and how he came into being the "clean" comedian.
  • I will discuss the "rape" allegations and their implications particularly as it has been such a long time and that the women are coming out now and what media hype it created. I want to talk about the real women and the real "victims" and the reason they may not have said anything when it happened.
  • I want to address the "Cult of Personality" and how we get caught up in it thinking the person we see on screen is really the person and how we don't realize they are "actors" playing a role.
  • I want to talk about his age and career, and what the implications are if convicted or not.
  • I want to talk about Enis, his son and the mystery still surrounding it.
  • I hope that I can stay focused enough to get through this all.
  • I may throw in another video here and there as I make it through this series.
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