Purchase the Black mans laundry detergent and help me create jobs for youth.

Let's Employ Our People With The

"Black Man's Laundry Detergent!!!!!!

This Detergent is manufactured and produced by the Original Man. It's Bio-Degradable, won't make you break out, smells good. Only 2 caps per normal load. "Everything Black" Laundry Detergent (formerly MATAH) is formulated to make sure it performs equally or better than Tide, with less product required to be effective. Tide requires 4 ounces for every 1-ounce of E/B detergent. This makes E/B detergent a lot cheaper on a cost per wash basis. (Raymond King)

We spend $900 million dollars a year on laundry detergent along. (Cheer, Tide, etc.). If we re-direct 10% of 900 million, that’s 900,000 close to 1 million dollars to help community based organizations and social service organizations with out begging for a grant or asking for a loan.

  • 87% of all crimes are committed by unemployed people.
  • Unemployment in the Black Community is 30% to 50%
  • According to the press in Boston, Pittsburgh, and Detroit unemployment is 45% in the Black communities.

Black people spend about $550 million a year on Tide alone. Once we Re-direct, just 10% of our people to buying our Laundry detergent that would create an additional $55 million a year for us and totally wipe out unemployment among black people.

How can you help keep some of our money back in our community and get our youth and young adults off the corners? By helping to create a Black channel of distribution! We are going door to door, business to business asking you to re-direct just $13.00 a month of what you are already spending on home care products, toward our freedom. Freedom from what? Freedom from begging others to employ our people when we should have been doing it a long time ago. If we can put our people to work we can reduce the crime in the homes and on the streets. When you purchase this detergent on a monthly basis and start washing your clothes just think about how many people you are putting to work. Think about the future of your children, grand children, nieces, nephews, and their children. They won't have to beg for grants and government funding. We will be self sufficient again.

CALL: 773-846-3091 or come to the Everything Black Retail Store - 2447 E. 79th St. Chgo, IL./ Tues. - Sun. from 10am till 6pm

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