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After  creating a custom clothier career over a span of 25+ years for gentlemen in Finance, Politics, Sports and Medicine, Terry left his thriving business to develop Purpus Detergent. Terry created Purpus to help raise funds for education, awareness and research for all on the Autism Spectrum.


I reviewed Purpus Detergent along with 5 other black owned brands and the cleaning power was incredible, just like the company's mission. Which brand cleaned the best? Purpose was in a tie with another br

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Purchase the Black mans laundry detergent and help me create jobs for youth.

Let's Employ Our People With The

"Black Man's Laundry Detergent!!!!!!

This Detergent is manufactured and produced by the Original Man. It's Bio-Degradable, won't make you break out, smells good. Only 2 caps per normal load. "Everything Black" Laundry Detergent (formerly MATAH) is formulated to make sure it performs equally or better than Tide, with less product required to be effective. Tide requires 4 ounce

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