Reparations / Celebrations and Struggle

As African-Americans prepare celebrations for Dr. King’s Birthday and Black History Month, we are taken away from the ideals of what both occasions called for. Dr. King’s life did not revolve around celebrations. Dr. King’s life was mirrored by the Civil Rights Movement. He was beaten by the police on several occasions as he led boycotts, freedom rides, marches, protests and sit-ins against discrimination and injustice. Blacks should realize statistics show they are far from equality, so there is a great need to resume the struggle for equality! African-Americans are still victims of the main crimes Dr. King spoke out against such as police brutality and inadequate housing, employment, health care and education. Blacks can never reach equality if they continue to turn their backs on problems that are causing massive damage for the majority of African-Americans and the black community. African-Americans have got to start spending as much time trying to solve their problems as they are in giving to churches, charities and celebrations. If you look at a calendar to see all the events that blacks are gearing up for, to celebrate and honor one another’s achievements, in the midst of the spread of AIDS and Drugs in our communities; it is as if Dr. King, Malcolm X, Fannie Lou Hammer, Queen Mother Moore and Sista Callie House never existed. It is a shame to know blacks are becoming less and less concerned with how their immediate family and extended family across America and especially in Africa are treated. It hurts me deep in my soul and I am going to die trying to get blacks to wake up, so that we can form a power base to solve our problems! Black History Month and the election of a Black President should inspire African-Americans to rekindle the movement to demand equality. They have sacrificed too many lives in wars and made too many valuable contributions that have benefited both America and the entire western civilization, for them to remain victims of racism, hate crimes and discriminatory practices. Black people are going to have to look beyond their churches, civil rights groups and leaders to do the work that is necessary to free their race from racism and oppression. Even though blacks are constantly giving tithes and charitable gifts, these groups and individuals have been bought and sold out. They do not care about the masses of blacks who are victims of obvious and elusive tactics that are designed to maintain white dominance and black oppression. I hope and pray that blacks are not blinded by these celebrations and evil tactics and begin to pay tribute and honor those who came before them who made it possible for them to enjoy the little bit of success they have among their people today. Black people do not own any land, cities, schools, hospitals or businesses to provide housing, employment, health care and a quality education for their people. This is a shame because blacks have earned the right to have an infrastructure that would amount to 40 acres and a mule from slavery. As long as they have to go to those who really don’t care about them for these essential needs of life they will remain locked out of the system and at risk of acquiring a life threatening or habit forming disease. Now is the time for blacks to get serious about their future and stop falling for all these 501 c3 lies and faith based initiative tricks that were supposed to bring them to equality two decades ago. The best move blacks could make is to agree that they are still victims of inequality, injustice and disparities and that reparations are long over due to repair damage done in the past and present, in order to have a better future for themselves and generations to come. Check out the Black History Website at and go to the How to Win Reparations section to see how blacks can form a power base to resume the fight against injustice and start a national campaign to win reparations. In memory of our ancestors, Brotha Pruitt Reparations Leader and Chairman Committee for African-American Reparations (CAAR) CA Reparations Union Lobbying Association (RULA) NC
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