Poem : Can We Talk

                                                             Can we talk


Can we talk for just a moment?


Can we talk about what's inside?


Should i tell you that i love you ?


Should i say some times i get tired ?


Is it wrong to be disappointed about the times  i've  done you wrong ?


Will you still love me tomorrow , or have i really let you down?


Can you gaze upon my existence or have I vaporized into air?


Are our days really numbered , and if so will you meet me there ?


Can we talk for just a moment ?


Can we talk about what's inside ?


Should i tell you about the sleepless nights , and the many tears I've cried?


Should i ask you for your forgiveness , for not reading your word ?


Should i ask you once again , was that your voice i heard ?


Would you had even known me , had it not been for the blood ?


And how much do i owe , for i,'m all i have to give ?


Can you search through out my heart ,and take out my hurt and pain ?


Can you show me how to love the ones ,that deceitfully call my name ?


Can you create in me a new heart , and renew the right spirit in me?


Cast me not away from your presence ,


and take not your holy spirit away from me.


Can we talk ?


Written by ChiefProsperity Aka (Ebonie)

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