MISSISSIPPI Must Apologize Campaign!

The petition title is: Mississippi Must Apologize Campaign! The petition URL is: http://www.PetitionOnline.com/010109/petition.html We need your support! Here are some of the reasons why.. MISSISSIPPI The epicenter of America’s “legacy of pain” The time has come for all “good” citizens of the State of Mississippi to take a stand and do what is right. “The Deep South,” the region, far exceeds demonstrative acts of intolerance on its citizens than all other regions combined, in the United States of America. Mississippi’s Delta, where cotton was king, is “the” epicenter of that pain. Here is where we find the “Blues People.” The Blues People, particularly those in Mississippi, have endured suffering from the moment they were chained and captured in their native land and held in dungeons, in unimaginable conditions, for months and years, before departing on a voyage that would alter their future forever. It was on those voyages that they became Blues People looking for an escape to freedom…some through the salty waters of the Atlantic Ocean, others through bloody revolt and still others through the power of will…willing death into their own captive bodies, so their spirits could soar and return to the place where somebody was singing their name in a song, in a blues song…till it was heard in the sun-soaked cotton fields of the Mississippi Delta! Oh my Lord, oh my Lord what shall I do, what shall I do? The beneficiaries of the “legacy of pain” i.e., Mississippi and the United States of America must do what is true, just and right…they shall apologize, if only for the following: • For the over five hundred “documented” lynching deaths of African American (Black) people that make Mississippi the most egregious of all offenders in the United States of America. • For all those years of torment and torture in the cotton fields of the Mississippi Delta, not to mention the legal disregard of the pain suffered by people in the United States of America. • For not allowing any African American (Black) people onto the rescue canoes, during the 1927 flood, and for reverting back to a slave-master mindset, when presented with a clear opportunity to respect the dignity and life of all flood victims, who were rightful citizens of good standing in the United States of America. • For the death of Emmitt Till, which launched the Human/Civil Rights Movement, throughout the United States of America. • For not ratifying the “Anti-Slavery” bill until 1985, making Mississippi the last state in the United States of America to legally acknowledge the system of slavery was over. • For the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in the United States of America. • For consistently having the worst statistics regarding health and education; and, for putting young children off school buses (along roadsides) and out of school houses (in the middle of a school day) in 2008, who were proudly acknowledging the historic accomplishments of President-elect Barack Obama in the United States of America. Can we humane and good citizens of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA remain silent and inactive when such things are continuously being done in our name? It is our duty to humanity…is Mississippi less binding than those in other places? Lawmakers know it is a well-established principle that every wrong has a remedy. Herein rests our Nation’s respect for law. …What shall we do…? Mississippi’s therapy and racial healing begins like any other…with an apology…and ends with you. Take personal responsibility for the process of learning the true and persistent pain of Blues People; and, the realization for potential greatness that awaits us… JOIN THE MISSISSIPPI MUST APOLOGIZE CAMPAIGN! ➢ Write a letter to your State Representatives. ➢ Read this statement in church. ➢ Read this statement at school, in your classroom (most appropriately in history, civics, social studies, or English) For more information, please send your inquiry to: MISSISSIPPI MUST APOLOGIZE P.O. Box 4221 Greenville, MS 38704 662.773.2048 ~ umeprmgmt@yahoo.com
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