We are working to build an three part community facility to help the Global African family. Please check the link and support our effort to raise the funds needs towards making this repatriation and education effort a reality. Any amount, no matter how big or small Counts! To support this effort, go to: http://www.gofundme.com/sankofa-center

3828564795?profile=originalCreated by Kala Mujibha on April 4, 2014
3828564741?profile=originalSankofa Community Center is a community building that will be created to support various events and activities for the education and upliftment of residents and visitors of Ghana, West Africa. This would be a free facility that would allow the community to have a safe and clean environment to interact. It will include computers and other technology that is not readily accessible to many Ghanaians. It will provide training and education programs for economically disadvantaged youth and adults. It will facilitate lectures and discussions on health and cultural education, historical exhibits, as well as provide free learning courses and materials.
3828564806?profile=originalThe Sankofa Housing Facility will provide a safe, free place for Africans who need it. Those who plan to repatriate to Ghana but cannot find immediate housing will be able to stay within this facility. We also plan to provide temporary housing support to Ghanaian adults and children who may need it. It also will provide housing to staff members who help to keep the facility running (building maintenance, security personnel, etc).
3828564690?profile=originalThe Sankofa Library is dedicated to preserving the research of scholars from Africa and the African diaspora on Africa's rich history and culture. Globally people of African descent have been kept from knowing the countless contributions that African people and civilizations have made to the world. It is our intent to build an extensive library in a central location that is easily accessible, especially to those of African descent who do not have the financial means to access such materials. Knowledge and information about our history builds pride, self-esteem. It opens the mind to new possibilities and encourages literacy. It is our expectation that this one of a kind facility will be able to provide such enriching experiences for Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians alike. 

Why a community center, housing facility, and library:
All over the world there are disparaging amounts of people of African descent who exist at an economic and educational disadvantage. Comparatively, we are unaware of the historical contributions our ancestors have made in various areas such as science, technology, medicine and health, mathematics, sports, music, dance, etc. Africans living in Africa know very little about the history of the land they live on and the ancient people who once lived there. Lack of education and/or mis-education due to racism and colonization has often led to the poor self-esteem and belief in the inability to succeed. The alarming disparity continues to grow. It is our understanding that with education we can begin to combat many of the ongoing economic, social, and political issues plaguing African people world-wide. It is imperative that we preserve and make available the research and information of our scholars, as well as provide a space where we can create the programs and initiatives needed to close the gap.

Services that the community center will provide:
"¢ Free Housing for repatriates who are interested in moving to Ghana permanently and need a place to stay temporarily until they can obtain their own housing. While there is a policy that does not allow us to house Ghanaian children we can provide a safe haven for them to play and learn.
"¢ Classes and training for children and adults in all subjects and sports; including: Math, General Sciences, African languages, health sciences, emergency preparedness, computer science, entrepreneurial skills, leadership skills, African history, Rites of Passages, Homeopathic sciences (herbal remedies, iridology, massage, reiki, yoga, aroma therapy), soccer, swimming, African dance, drumming, wood carving, kente weaving, the list goes on.
"¢ Resources and learning materials via our library of books, videos, etc. 
"¢ Lectures, conferences, and events to educate, support, and empower the community. 

The meaning of Sankofa:
An Adinkra symbol from the Akan culture of Ghana, which means "go back and fetch." It's never too late to go back and fetch the knowledge of who our ancestors were and the contributions they've made. Even more so, it's not too late to learn from our past in order to create a better future. 

How your financial contribution helps:
We plan to build a multi-story, eco-friendly,sustainable facility on a five acres of land, in a central location, preferably neighboring areas of Legon, in Accra Ghana. The facility will house an extensive library, auditorium, conference rooms, computer laboratories, youth facility and play area, and a housing facility. Your contribution will pay for purchasing the land, registering the organization in Ghana, building the facility, obtaining the materials (books, computers, other media and learning equipment, tables, chairs, etc.), and maintenance of the facility once it is complete.

About the facilitators of the Organization:
We are a group of families who work as professionals in various fields, mainly within academia as professors and advisors. We organize various activities for the community and have found it difficult to maintain our invaluable classes, events and services without a long term space. 

Kala Mujibha is a freelance writer, biographer, photo-journalist, homeschooling mother of two. Raised in New York, she currently resides with her husband and children in Accra, Ghana. She's an organizer who is intensely focused on helping to develop a liberated, sovereign and self-sufficient Africa.3828564862?profile=originalMake a donation now at http://www.gofundme.com/sankofa-center


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  • DMV

    I am an Afrikan who was taken to Cuba as a 6 yr old from Angola by my father and Fidel who loved my mother and his country enough to do it  Thus I prefer to call myself an Afrikan from Cuba,  with a  US passport which makes me a citizen of this terror by paper only.  Having said that,  after living in this USA for near 50 yrs I know that there is no more begging pleading dancing or jigging that will bring solace to our ppl. Rather, what will bring the solace  justice love comitment and confidence back to our ppl is returning to  our mother...I have had such ops on several occasions.  I spent a few  yrs in Cuba on a special visa while battling cancer because I feared getting treatment in the USA..I risked everything  and left everything for my life and in doing so renewed my comitment to the many people who seemed to be  forgotten while eeking out bare lives in isolated death rows and prisons across this terrain of terror.

    My people..We can do this without a penny from the US Gov and just like we have done everything else we can build new beginnings.

    The decision for me and my tribe will be either Mama Afrika or Cuba by 2018. 




    No hay nada que temer, salvo a su auto

  • Caricom

    Repatriation of Afrikan descendants enslaved in the west can only be successful with Reparations.

    Without Reparations all you have is migration, hence all the problems being encountered by some of our people who have returned home.- Ghana, Shashamane ect ect. State less youths being born in Ethiopia. This is not Repatriation. Repatriation includes the WELCOME return of Afrikan descendants to their ancestoral homes.

  • Caricom

    Wonderful ambitions and lofty goals clash with the harsh realities of African life. I only wish this endeavor had hope of being born and actually providing the services espoused herein.

    The harsh truth is that there are thousands of Diasporan Africans who have repatriated to Ghana and have built hospitals, clinics, schools, churches, resorts, and other businesses. They have made untold personal and financial sacrifices in an effort to help Ghana for over 50 years.

    What has been their reward? 

    A higher cost of living, higher fees to pay in order to stay in the country and more pressure on them to leave Ghana. 

    Although there are laws on the books that allow those who repatriate to gain dual citizenship, to this date I am unaware of anyone who has achieved that goal after 50 years of broken promises.

    It breaks my heart to see how the Ghanaian government, puppets of the West, treat our returning black brothers.

    Over 50 years ago, Nkrumah, first president of Ghana, invited black Americans to come and help him build a nation. Greedy and jealous black Africans in Ghana arranged to undermine his efforts free his people from the West. They literally exiled him from his native land. He died in Romania. They tore down the factories he had built to help liberate his people.

    Today, those same black Africans wear the white wigs of the UK government, posing as governors of their country, when in truth, they are merely what we call in the States, "house niggers". They look like clowns in a monkey suit dressing up like British parliamentarians. What a sham!

    The only real government in Ghana with any sense is the traditional tribal chiefs in the north and south of Ghana. They convened years ago and went through a ceremonial process of cleansing themselves for their ancestors role in the Transatlantic Slave Trade. They then committed themselves to providing land FREE to repatriating Africans in the Diaspora. They have always honored their commitment. They are the only government that deserves a modicum of our trust. However, they must bow to the might of West as well, for they have the fear of being neutralized completely. America and the UK has been known to do just that. We all remember the murder of Ghadaffi orchestrated by the Obama administration, right? So, they have to be cautious too.

    WARNING: Repatriation to Ghana will be frustrating and unrewarding to the naive who go in with "rose colored glasses". Do your homework. Visit Ghana for yourself and talk to those who have repatriated. Then decide if it is right for you. Please do not donate a dime to a scheme that will not provide the services it claims it will provide, because it cannot deliver given the current government in Ghana.  

    This is the sad truth. Shalom family.

  • DR. KOFI AGYAPONG, the topic, here, is REPATRIATION - not reparation. 

  • South

    Those who cry for reparation should first know that we are many. In fact too many for any government including our US government cannot undertake to pay or write a reparation bill. We, as human beings should endeavor to organize our folks and do our best to start to count Africans in this world. Can we do that? Yes we can. At present any AFRICAN who solicits reparation is usually those of us who descendants were house slaves. They take almost everything confronting Africans as easy.

This reply was deleted.