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Leonard Cohen/Jew Telling Americans how it is!

Leaonard Cohen-Singing jewish mentality song-Coldcomplete control. my blood it started to boil.YouTube - Martial Law and Swine Flu Part 1..2View ConversationReportToday 12:16 am - permalinkhevidtdon't know if you have seen this one. universal draft.YouTube - Obama's Plan for The Draft- MANDATORY SERVICE everyone 18-25View ConversationReport04-24-2009 01:54 am - permalinkscottnone worse than this:Give me back my broken nightMy secret room, my secret lifeIts lonely hereTheres no one left to tortur
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As we deal with the legacies of being enslaved by the corporate/economic/white supremacist apparatus called the modern western world, there are certain realities that are happening that many of us may not be aware of and further more.... need to plan for.Read this and afterwards, listen to the African perspective by the videos of people like the ones we posted of Doctor Arthur Lewis, Dr. Ben's Physician... (found on YouTube and available at resellers like BlackConsciousness.com) for a rounded pe
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