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NB Commentary:
I am sharing this piece for the information that it contains. All too often we tend to use rhetoric, stereotypes and innuendos when talking about our African brothers and sisters in the Homeland. Many of us have been conditioned to see and believe that African peoples are and have been primitive with no real social order, familial structure, civilization, rules or customs. Those of us who have traveled there come to see a different wo
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By Gloria Dulan-Wilson ~

  For me Sylvia's passing was like losing a member of my family. I've known and admired her and her family since my first eating at her then humble restaurant in 1968. Thanks to a friend, Sam Anderson, who took me there because I was homesick for home cooking, I became a regular diner of Sylvia's over the years.

That friendship and kinship was born of her eternal genteel nature, graciousness, elegance; her love of people, and her wonder food. Even when her restaurant was n

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