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John-Powell_854023.jpg?width=350By John Powell | It is becoming increasingly clear that the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, has a more realistic approach to the crisis in Syria than the Western leaders. With the power of hindsight, it can now be seen that if President Assad had been supported, instead of the opposition, there would have been no Islamic State in Syria and probably not in Iraq either. It is now up to the West to accept the leadership of Russia and try to avoid Syria going the way of Iraq and Libya, where the rem

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Putin 2, US/NATO 0


From The Ramparts
~ by Junious Ricardo Stanton ~                                    


                         Putin 2, Obama/ NATO 0

              "In a bid to strengthen the Russian air campaign, another Syrian ally -- China -- is now planning to deploy Shenyang J-15, a carrier-based fighter aircraft, in Syria. 

Several reports have stated that Beijing has agreed to join the Russian air campaign. The development has come mere days after Chinese Foreign Min

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