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By Bro.Zayid Muhammad*

For those of you who think that COINTELPRO is a thing of the remote past, think again.
We have, upon bullet and bone solid information and belief, we have good reason to believe that it is alive and well!

On Dec. 12, the NY police department, in tow, with federal agents, raided, ransacked and ravaged the home of elder NY Black Panther legend, Cyril Innis, best known to his comrades as ‘Capt. Bullwhip,’ for his tough, no nonsense taskmaster demeanor.

They went to the j
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Activities of the New Black Panther Party



On Sunday, May 15th, the Trenton chapter of the New Black Panther Party will rekindle its anti street violence campaign with a street rally to launch what it is calling the Trenton AntiViolence Coalition.


The rally will be the first monthly street ministry rally for the Coalition. It will be held at 2pm at Passaic and Calhoun Street in Trenton. Tragically, the site is where a drive-by shooting took place just weeks ago. A mother and he

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On Monday, August 9th, 2010, Malik Zulu Shabazz, national chairman of the New Black Panther Party and much beloved ‘attorney at war,’ will host a special sit down with the Black press and other progressive media.

This roundtable and dialogue will take place at Harlem’s legendary restaurant Sylvia’s located at 126th Street and Malcolm X Blvd. in Harlem at 2pm

Shabazz, fresh off an epic rally in Newberry, South Carolina over the lynching of Anthony Hill, will be joined by key players in his nati

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