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This year marks the 12th Anniversary of DJ HeadBussa’s Celebrity Birthday Week April 26 - May 1 benefitting the National Ataxia Foundation. HB Week’s mission is to: EducateInspire and Uplift the urban community in Tampa Bay through various outlets such as: Charity Bowling Events, Community events, Volunteer Work, and Entertainment Events. Log on to for more information.

[Event] #HBWeek12 4/26-5/1 (Tampa, FL)
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by Kwasi SeituNancy Pelosi is trying to deny that which is applicable to the entire Congress with regard to the international criminality of George “Baby Doc” Bush’s “War on Terrorism,” which is that they went along with and approved of the ends justifying the means, even if that meant subjecting people to torture. Even though America has yet to admit that it engaged in torture, referring to its conduct as “enhanced interrogation techniques” or “what some people call torture,” it is not doing a
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