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Insight of Human Resource Management

Management is the core of every business house. Business concern can appoint any number of employees to fulfill their demand and supply. But the recent economic downfall has observed a sudden cost cutting within the organization and the demand for a better resource management is felt. Business houses are switching over to human resource as a key for better management of their work force as well as to enhance profitability and performance of the concern. It is a set of programs, activities and fu

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by Rodney Coates* ~


Job Description

President of the United States


Able to leap tall buildings with a single bound while avoiding the bomb shells from the Ultra Right and the Ultra Left.  Must not drink the tea from the Party of no, and definitely do not drink the coffee from the Party of ambiguousness.  Insure the domestic tranquility –stop the flood of drugs that saturate our borders, provide for the common defense –get the guns out of our sons hands.  Remember that religion is a right, not a d

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