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“Piers-ing” Thoughts on Beyonce

July 14, 2011


Raynard Jackson


Last month I was stunned while watching and listening to Beyonce being interviewed by Piers Morgan (from CNN).  Beyonce was promoting her new album and agreed to do what would normally be considered a routine interview.


Morgan asked Beyonce one question that was totally inappropriate.  I was quite offended that he would totally disrespect his interviewee; but what was even more offensive was the response that was given by the interviewee—Beyonce.  You can watch the

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With Halle Berry Saying No To Aretha Bio-Pic, JENNIFER HUDSON is a better choice for Aretha


One of the first community organizers to work with Barack Obama in Chicago for over 20 years. Now Associate Editor of The South Street Journal Newspaper and 37 year activist/journalist, recently selected as 2010 Who's Who In Black Chicago. 312-624-8351 or 773-392-0165

Its not all bad news for Are
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