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Beyonce Gives HBCU Students Free Access





A spokesperson confirmed that the students' two-year memberships will start when they activate their account, which they can do at any time (note: it's unclear when access to the two-year membership offer will expire). Peloton also told POPSUGAR that it is the schools' responsibility to enroll their own students once the memberships are gifted, but there is no limit to how many students at each HBCU can receive a membership; students just have to be currently enrolled. If this applies to you,

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“Piers-ing” Thoughts on Beyonce

July 14, 2011


Raynard Jackson


Last month I was stunned while watching and listening to Beyonce being interviewed by Piers Morgan (from CNN).  Beyonce was promoting her new album and agreed to do what would normally be considered a routine interview.


Morgan asked Beyonce one question that was totally inappropriate.  I was quite offended that he would totally disrespect his interviewee; but what was even more offensive was the response that was given by the interviewee—Beyonce.  You can watch the

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