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Blacks and the Economics of Voting

April 14, 2011


Raynard Jackson


How long will the Black community continue to allow the Obama administration and the Democratic Party to insult them and then blame it on Obama not wanting to be perceived as a “Black” president?

Let me give an example.  You have invested in a business project, Obama Inc.


There were 4 classes of investors:  class W, which comprised 74% of the total stock; class B, which comprised 13% of the total stock, class H, which comprised 9% of the total stock; and class G, wh

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As a Social Studies teacher, this story hit home. For those who don't know, Texas recently approved some changes to its social studies curriculum. Changes include:

  1. Capitalism is now--Free enterprise system. (negative--Capitalist Pig)
  2. Thomas Jefferson is dropped because he coined the "separation of church and state" phrase.
  3. Efforts to include Hispanic/Latino heroes were defeated
  4. Students will now learn about the violent stance of the Black Panthers right along with the non-violent approach of MLK.
  5. NRA
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