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  • 3828595774?profile=originalThe Costs of Gun Violence is Visually Explored By Morehouse School of Medicine
  • Using an Infographic the School Examines the Financial & Societal Tolls in the United States.

In a ground-breaking infographic presentation, Morehouse School of Medicine(MSM) explores the financial and societal tolls of gun violence in the United States, as well as the Atlanta area. 

"I see the physical effects every day in the operating room," says Omar Danner, M.D., FACS, associate professor and director of trauma, cri

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American Gun Violence Solution


I have offed and will continue to offered the Obama Administration a solution to American Gun Violence, and hope that President Obama develops the moral courage to respond to it. I question whether their is a serious commitment to addressing Gun Violence in America because politicians refuse to have a discussion with me about a solution to Gun Violence, while offering no viable alternative solutions.

President Obama gives great emotional speeches after each gun violence tragedy, but he has refuse

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