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by Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Wow!  That was all I could say when the announcement came across my computer early this morning.  Don Cornelius - an Icon in Black Culture for over 30 years - dead, apparently of self inflicted wounds.  I couldn't process it, or wrap my mind around it for a minute.  Surely there was some error - you know that "the news of his death has been greatly exaggerated" type hope.  But there it was.

The great purveyor of everything Soul was gone from among us.  Ironically I flas

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Thank you for your mail and for agreeing to step-down as Chairperson of the Honorary Board and agreeing, as Kola says, ‘to remain on Board’, by being a member of the Honorary Board of the Sudan Sensitization Peace Project (SSPP)That said and to reverse the order of proceedings, I come to the ‘Charges’ as you call them. Please do not take these questions personally. We are all in a learning curve, with some more advanced in their knowledge of Afro-Arab relations than others. The fact that these i
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