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Why Tom Joyner is GLAAD

February 13, 2012

Raynard Jackson

Last week I wrote a column entitled, “Roland Martin Is Not GLAAD.”  In that column, I discussed the unfair treatment of TV personality, Roland Martin.

I thought I was finished writing about this issue and was prepared to move on.  But, after receiving tons of phone calls, voicemails, and emails about Tom Joyner’s “Letter to Roland:  Make It Right,” I feel compelled to make another comment about the Martin affair                                                      

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From Buffalo Soldier to Revolutionary Communist

Date: Thursday, March 4th, 7:30 PM
Where: Locke Hall, Room 105, Howard University, Washington D.C.

In a time of war abroad, economic dislocation and continuing oppression in the US, Carl Dix is coming to Washington, D.C., and he's on a mission. On March 4th, Carl will speak at Howard University on the theme of "From Buffalo Soldier to Revolutionary Communist." Carl will deliver 2 challenges and talk about the real way out of the madness the country an

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