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The Ramey Commentaries by Mike Ramey

The rent-a-mob has gotten what they wanted. Unfortunately, they are only weeks away from not being satisfied with what they got. At the bottom line, when you call 9-1-1, a social worker or youth program is not going to protect you, your family or your business. It’s that Blue Knight who will be risking their life to keep you safe…IF your city still has a police department, fully funded.
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Red and Dotie Auerbach share a laugh with Inside Sports host Harold Bell and telephone guest, tennis legend Jimmy Connors.

NBA legend Red Auerbach and abolitionist John Brown had more in common than the color of their skin. These two white men stood up for black folks when they could not stand up for themselves.

John Brown for example, is famous for leading a small group on a raid against a federal armory in Harper’s Ferry, Virginia (now West Virginia), in an attempt to start an armed slave revolt

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