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gI_123312_M3M_25th_Logo-FINAL.pngAfrican American-Owned, Philadelphia-Based Communications and Branding Firm Shares Expertise With Mighty Writers Students

Millennium 3 Management, Inc. Continues Ongoing 25th Anniversary Activities

As part of its ongoing, 25th-year anniversary celebration, Millennium 3 Management, Inc. (M3M), a communications and branding firm specializing in branding, advertising/public relations services, and strategic communications, here, recently partnered with Mighty Writers, a nonprofit literacy organizat

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Who is it!? Who it is!

One of my favorite scenes in the Excellent "Cosby Show" series was when Clair Huxtable, played by Phelicia Rashad, and Dr. Heathcliff "Cliff" Huxtable, played by Bill Cosby, were making out in their bed until they got a knock on their bedroom door.  After Bill Cosby responded with "Who is it," his two youngest daughters, Rudy and Vanessa walked into the room.  Then with a face shared with mannerisms that my words have no chance of duplicating, he stresses to the girls that when he asks "who is i

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by: Divorce and Its Implications: As Shared By A Family Lawyer From Tampa

There has been a surging rate in the number of divorce cases in Tampa and the rest of the country. The rising trend for divorce is not only an isolated case within the circle of celebrities as we often see in the television. Divorce has been increasingly moving closer to home.

According to a well-known family lawyer and divorce lawyer from Tampa, this phenomenon does not only affect the parents who are the main subjects o
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