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The U.S.A.--It’s About Time

September 24, 2009Raynard JacksonIs it finally time for a United States of Africa (U.S.A.) to emerge? Without question, I think the time is right.But, it’s about time also. I was once in Africa meeting with the president of a country and he basically said his “house was on fire.” So, I said to this president that I had the water that could extinguish the fire. His response? “I will let you know when I want the water.”This has been a common experience with me in my dealings on the continent. Afri
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Cheikh Anta Diop courtesy, L' get so anxious as Black people, Negroes, Coloreds, Nekkros, African Americans, "African-Descended Peoples", Diasporic Tribes, "Children of the Diaspora" or whatever you wish to call us. We as a diasporic people are all of that, and more, are we not? About identity, we are so easily spun off into Cartesian circles of confusion, conflict, doubt, anger, recrimination, and sh
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