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“Affirmation” is a solo exhibition of the work of visual artist Sophia Dawson that explores through paintings and drawings the story of Assata Shakur.  After reading Assata’s autobiography and learning of her life as a former Black Panther Party political prisoner in the United States, Dawson was inspired to create portraits of Assata, and other comrades who remain behind bars today for their political actions and beliefs.
Forty years
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Two Primary Topics:

1.   CUBA: Race and Class Realities in the 21st Century

2.  "The Importance of Building Allies, globally, and developing Pan African views, positions, and realities for today"

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TONIGHT Sat. Nov. 17 on "NU DAY RESURRECTION & LIBERATION" 10:30 PM "Cuban & Pan African Solidarity" featuring dialog with Gloria Rolando and tomorrow Sun. Nov. 18, 2012 at Songhai City Center in Philly-Cuban Delegation: Forum & Panel Discussion and new Film

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Will Obama Sell Assata Out?

The New Assault on Assata Shakur:Will Obama Sell Assata Out?Paul ScottMost Americans are not familiar with Assata Shakur. After all, she's not exactly the type of black super hero that they parade around during Black History Month. This is the type ignorance that some legislators in New Jersey hope will allow them to extradite Shakur back to the US under the cover of our darkness.Assata Shakur (JoAnne Chisemard) was involved in a 1973 shootout on the New Jersey Turnpike that resulted in the deat
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