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Two Primary Topics:

1.   CUBA: Race and Class Realities in the 21st Century

2.  "The Importance of Building Allies, globally, and developing Pan African views, positions, and realities for today"

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TONIGHT Sat. Nov. 17 on "NU DAY RESURRECTION & LIBERATION" 10:30 PM "Cuban & Pan African Solidarity" featuring dialog with Gloria Rolando and tomorrow Sun. Nov. 18, 2012 at Songhai City Center in Philly-Cuban Delegation: Forum & Panel Discussion and new Film

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In last weeks’ edition of the Earlham Word, my dear friend Vania Frederico wrote an article in response to my earlier article on how Pan Africanism should be the emphasis of Black History.  Vania disagreed with my vision of Pan Africanism and how it could be used as a uniting force for the African Diaspora.  Vania stated her belief that, “…The discourse on a common history of oppression and the umbilical tie to the motherland is not as compelling in the contemporary age” thusly what she proposed

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