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Uber%2BKilling%2Bour%2BBusiness.png?width=320Nigeria: Special Report - Uber Killing Our Business, Lagos Taxi Drivers Lament

By Oladeinde Olawoyin
Jolted back to reality by the presence of this reporter having been dozing off for what appeared the whole day, Lawal Azeez sprang to his feet to make enquiries about this reporter's intended destination. Mr. Azeez was later joined by his colleagues, a group of old and middle-aged men. With desperation written boldly on their faces, they all scrambled amongst themselves to gain the attention of thi
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by Gloria Dulan-Wilson ✆

~ Little Sister Gabby Douglass Makes History Winning the Gold in Gymnastics at the Summer Olympics in London, England - yaaaaay!

Everybody loves her for her grace, poise, stamina and agility - yaaaaay!

American Negroes only see her hair style, and so, completely miss the point-boooooo!

This my response to an article that recently appeared on Grio about Gabby's shock at people criticizing her hair, and her statement: "I just made history and all they can talk about is my hair

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African American Hairstyles

 by: Jerry White


African American hairstyles range from short to long haircuts, so you definitely have a lot of options to choose from. Many women opt for short, manageable African American hairstyles that can still look trendy and professional. The great thing about choosing short African American hairstyles is the fact that you can choose different styles at any time.

African American hairstyles should adapt to your face, occasion, personality and texture of hair, so it is a very individ
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