Her name was Leave, but she decided to stay.

In her heart she just knew he would change one day.

Him and her played a sport that kept her visiting the Doctor. 

Some call it football, but it was clearly socc(h)er.   

He was precise with every blow always hitting his goal.

Chipping away at his targets her spirit, body, and soul.

He was nice in the beginning told her stories of being the victim

Said when life had him down people always left or kicked him.

This is when she made the promise that made her pay. 

She said no matter the situation she would always stay

Those on the outside couldn't understand why she was in so deep.

Not understanding that she keeps her word and had a promise to keep. 

Her friends and family hoped and prayed that Leave would leave.

Until she did in a different sense that would cause them to grieve. 

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